How to install and configure wifi switch?

How to install and configure the wifi switch?


Do you like comfort? Have you ever thought about turning on or off the lamps in your home with just a voice command? Did you know that this is already possible cheaply? In this article we will show you how to automate the lamps in your home with your voice. So come on guys!

Home automation or home automation is the integration of automatic mechanisms in a space, simplifying people’s daily lives, meeting the needs of communication, comfort and security. In homes, automation systems are usually designed to control room temperature, lighting, and sound.

Wi-Fi switch
Automation is now a reality and is becoming cheaper and more accessible. On the market it is already possible to find a home automation system at a very affordable price, such as the Wi-Fi switch, which is one of the components responsible for our lamp automation system.

The Wi-Fi switch works in a very simple way! It has two input terminals, two output terminals and a button. Phase and neutral cables are connected to the input terminals, but this may vary from model to model. The output terminals are connected to the cables that go to the lamp. When the Wi-Fi switch is turned on, a blue LED lights up and then goes out, indicating that it has been turned on. When you press the button of the Wi-Fi switch the lamp will light up and pressing the button again the lamp will go out.

When the Wi-Fi switch is turned on, a blue LED lights up.
The electrical connection of the Wi-Fi switch.

Automation of lamps
Now that we have explained the basic connection of the Wi-Fi switch, let’s go to the automation part, and to automate the lamps with the Wi-Fi switch is very simple! The first possible automation is to turn the lamps on and off using a cell phone. There are several home automation applications that we can download for free from the mobile application store, such as the Smart Life application.

With the application open, we can configure several types of devices, but we will select the lighting device. On the next screen of the home automation application, it asks to synchronize the device, which in this case is the Wi-Fi switch. Just press the Wi-Fi switch button until the LED starts to flash, then click on the application message confirming that the switch Wi-Fi is flashing.

Home automation applications.
Configuring Smart Life as a Wi-Fi switch.

In the first configuration of the home automation application you will be asked to connect to your Wi-Fi network, just enter your password and confirm. After that, the automation application starts to synchronize the switch with the Wi-Fi network and the application, finally, a screen appears to name the Wi-Fi switch, so put the name of your preference. Then click on the “done” button and the configuration is ready.

First set up the home automation app ask to connect to Wi-Fi.
Synchronize the switch with the Wi-Fi network.

Continuing with the configuration, on the next screen of the app a switch button appears off, where it is possible to test if the configuration is working correctly. To test it just click on the button and see if it is possible to control the lamp. On the application’s home screen, the switch is already registered and ready to be used. The home automation application allows you to register more than one Wi-Fi switch, so if you are going to configure more than one device, we recommend marking each switch with tape so as not to confuse when moving on to the final installation.

Home automation application allows you to register more than one Wi-Fi switch.
Test the application configuration.

Voice command
To control the lamps with voice, you need a google home, and the only thing it needs is a socket and connection to the same Wi-Fi network as the Wi-Fi switches. Google home connects with your Google account through the google home app, and communicates to the Smart Life app, so we can control each of the Wi-Fi switches already configured by voice command, just saying Ok Google, turn on the X lamp (chosen name).

Google home connects to your google account through the google home app.
Voice command with google home.

So if you want simple automation, just use your cell phone to control all the lighting. If you want even more convenience and practicality, then you can opt for google home!

Wi-Fi Switch Installations
In order to maintain the lighting points with a physical switch in the Switch installations , we have replaced the rocker switches with pushbutton switches. To make this replacement on the Wi-Fi switch plate, two cables were soldered to connect the pushbutton switch, thus the pushbutton switch is in parallel with the button of the Wi-Fi switch. With this type of connection, both the pushbutton switch and the application triggers the lamp, but this change is optional, as there are risks of damaging the Wi-Fi switch card, so care must be taken to make this connection.

To maintain the lighting points with a physical switch.
Replacement of the rocker switch with a pushbutton switch.

To facilitate the installation of the switches we recommend placing the Wi-Fi switches in the ceiling boxes of each lighting point. In some cases, it will be necessary to make modifications to the electrical installation, for example, adding phase and neutral wires to power the Wi-Fi switch, socket point for google home, circuit breaker for protection of the automation system. This varies from installation to installation!

Some cases will require modifications to the electrical installation.
Installation of Wi-Fi switches in the ceiling boxes.