How to install ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan is an excellent option, for those who want to maintain a more pleasant environment on days with the highest temperature. Thinking about it we decided to show the step by step how to install a common ceiling fan, ceiling fan with dimmer and ceiling fan with lamps. Come on, guys!

Ceiling fan: Installation precautions.

We must take care not to misidentify the cables, as the cable colors are not always in accordance with the standards, so use a multimeter to avoid this type of error.

It is important to note that before starting to install the ceiling fan, remember to turn off the circuit breaker for the respective circuit or turn off the circuit breaker, then with a test switch or a multimeter make sure that the circuit where it will be installed the ceiling fan is de-energized. All this care is extremely important, as it avoids the chances of any electric shock or short circuits, due to the mishandling of the electric cables.

Take care where the ceiling fan is installed, it is necessary to maintain a minimum height between the fan and the floor of 2.3m. In addition, we must ensure an adequate distance between walls, shelves, wardrobes and other furniture for example.Tips for installing the fan.

Ho to install ceiling fan?

Do not mix pieces from other ceiling fans, always use the original set, as its parts are designed to work together. Also check that the fan parts are securely attached to the housing, to prevent accidents and breakage of loose parts due to chatter.

Make sure that the location where the ceiling fan will be installed will not compromise the functioning of doors, cabinets and windows.

Ceiling fan: Step by step installation

In this step by step we take into account a particular model of ceiling fan, so have this article as a base, always try to read the instruction manual of each fan to be installed, so that mistakes are not made.

The fan motor has three cables, where the cable with a different color from the others is usually the common cable, and the remaining two cables are the ones that determine the direction of rotation of the ceiling fan.

First step is to install the switch for the ceiling fan, because it defines the direction of rotation of the motor, this switch is basically a three way switch or parallel switch.

The common cable of the switch must be connected directly to the phase, whereas the common cable to the ceiling fan must be connected directly to the neutral or to the other phase, if the motor runs on 220V, as we can see the connection diagram in the image below:

First step to install the ceiling fan.

The second part that we must connect is the cables that determine the direction of rotation of the ceiling fan. We need to install the capacitor, for that we will connect it in parallel to the two cables left in the switch, then we connect the white cables that come out of the switch directly to the white cables that come out of the ceiling fan, as we see in the image below:How to install ceiling fan.

Second step to install ceiling fan.

After completing the connection make the test, so that the three switch positions are clockwise, off and counterclockwise, as indicated on the switch body, if the fan rotation direction is wrong, just invert the white cables on light switch.

Ceiling Fan: Installing the Dimmer

Installing the dimmer on the previous circuit is very simple, just disconnect the common cable from the phase switch, connect it to one of the terminals of the dimmer and finally connect the phase directly to the remaining terminal of the dimmer, as we can see in the diagram below. And remember to take all the precautions you have already mentioned.

How to install dimmer on the ceiling fan.

To complement the knowledge, the list of videos below shows the step-by-step installation of a ceiling fan with dimmer and all its mechanical parts.

We closed one more article and we hope to have helped you with this step by step to install a ceiling fan, if you have any questions just leave in the comments and we will answer!