How to protect your child from electric shock!

Do you have a small child at home? How do you protect your home sockets from children getting an electric shock? And you electrician, indicate the use of the protector for your customers? Thinking about the safety of our children, Mundo da Elétrica shows in this article a Top5, with protection tips for electrical shock outlets

In a home, children are the most vulnerable to electric shock in electrical outlets, as they are usually curious and when they see an adult putting the plug in the outlet they want to do the same. The problem is that children do not know what to put in the socket, so they end up sticking something they shouldn’t and this can lead to accidents with electric shock, and the consequences of electric shock increase even more when the house has no DR in the installation electrical.

Children are most vulnerable to the electrical shock in electrical outlets.
The child may suffer electric shock in outlets, beware.

Even the electrical installations of homes in Brazil do not have a very good structure, there are already resources that can protect your little ones against electric shock in the outlet. So come on, get to know these socket protection features!

5 electrical shock outlet protectors
Usually few houses are planned with children in mind and this ends up generating a great concern for parents, because as we have said, children are very curious in the development phase. But as we cannot fail to protect our little ones, we have to use some resources even at home.

The first protector is the plug cover that is very common to be found, both in electrical and building material stores. The plug cover has a simple shape, which fits into the plug holes and is made of a material that does not conduct electricity. With the plug holes already filled with the plug cover, it is not possible for the child to place a clip on the plug, for example.

Fits the holes in the socket.
Plug cover, quite common to be found.

The second protector is a homemade option that you can make yourself with a PET bottle. It is very simple to make the PET bottle protector, cut the bottle based on the shape of the outlet where the protector will be attached. There are several ways to attach the PET bottle protector to the socket, just use your imagination. However, one of the simplest ways is to fasten one side, using the screw of the socket module support and the other side just fit under the mirror. That way, unless the protection is opened, it will be impossible to put something in the holes of the socket. In addition, PET is plastic and does not conduct electricity, and best of all it is possible to use it in any outlet just by making a few simple changes.

PET is plastic and does not conduct electricity.
Protector using PET bottle.

The third protector is also a creative improvisation, using a wet wipe packaging lid. To do this, simply remove the lid from the packaging and stick it around the socket. So with the lid closed, it prevents the child from trying to put anything in the holes in the socket. Simple and easy! Considering that someone who has a newborn at home and uses a lot of baby wipes, it won’t be difficult to get some covers to protect the plugs in your home.

Simply remove the lid from the packaging and stick it around the socket.
Protector with wet wipe packaging cover.

All well-designed protection features can be used, but the safest protection options are those that are thought of directly in the design of the outlet manufacture. The fourth option is the socket with double shock protection , it has a system that to fit the plug it is necessary to start the plug and turn the plug so that the plug is fully inserted. This socket is extremely safe for children because for a child to understand the whole movement of starting the insertion and then turning it is relatively more complicated. Which makes this shot very safe.

An extremely safe outlet for children.
Socket with double shock protection.

Our fifth protection option was also designed by the manufacturer, it is the plug with a plug that has protection against monopolar insertion. It is impossible to insert something into just one hole in this socket, the mechanical system inside it only allows insertion if the two holes receive pressure at the same time.

Protection against monopolar insertion.