Installations without earthing system

We know that it is still extremely common for professionals in the area of ​​electricity to find installations made improperly, among these irregularities it is important to highlight the lack of electrical grounding in the installations, systems that are extremely important. Knowing that a grounding system is so important and useful, why are there still several homes that do not have an electrical ground?

Thinking about this issue, we decided to talk about the importance of electrical grounding in the installations, because many installations still do not have an electrical grounding and how we can see this scenario as an excellent opportunity to increase your earnings as electricity professional.

Electrical grounding

In order to clarify the answer regarding electrical grounding, according to the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), electrical grounding means placing installations and equipment on the same electrical potential, so that the potential difference between the earth and the equipment is as small as possible.

The grounding conductor is the connector whose potential is equal to zero, but the difference between grounding and neutral is that the grounding does not change its value through “impurities”, but on the contrary, through the cable grounding is that these “impurities” are eliminated to the ground, hence the name grounding. This grounding system does not allow energy leaks to remain on the surface of electrical appliances.

Installations without earthing system

According to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Association for Awareness of the Dangers of Electricity (ABRACOPEL), more than half of electrical installations in Brazil do not have any type of grounding, but why does this happen?

It is common to hear some questions in relation to electrical grounding, especially from the most laypersons, as they only look at the issue of equipment functionality.

Installation without earthing system.

So if we think from a functional point of view, some equipment will work perfectly, even if there is no grounding and equipotentialization system. A good example of this is the resistive devices like the electric showers for example, that work without this grounding system.

On the other hand, devices that involve more sophisticated electronics, especially information technology equipment, such as computers, telephone central modems, logic controllers and others, can easily burn out or be defective if there is no system. grounding and adequate equipotentialization in the installation.

Grounding and equipotentialization are fundamental actions to ensure the proper functioning of protection systems against electric shocks, overvoltages, lightning strikes and electrostatic discharges.

Analyzing from the point of view of safety, the grounding system is indispensable, thinking differently from this is extremely wrong, not to mention that some grounding and equipotentialization systems also have another very important function, which go beyond safety, which is the functional grounding.

The standard NBR-5410 is clear in item saying that all the masses of installation must be connected to protective conductors, which in this case is the earth cable. That is, it is not because more than half of the houses in Brazil are ungrounded that you must also adopt this wrong attitude!

Electrical grounding: Increase your income

If we analyze the data provided by Abracopel well, we can see an excellent job opportunity, thereby increasing your income even more as a professional in this area of ​​electricity.

If we consider the data provided by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil has approximately 69 million houses, with just over half of these buildings, approximately 55% of them have no electrical grounding, that is, they are not in accordance with standard.

Thus, we can conclude that there are almost 38 million job opportunities for professionals in the area of ​​electricity, only for the installation of grounding systems, so you only need to be qualified for this service and, above all, to know how to present to the customer the importance of adapting the your home’s electrical system. Here at Mundo da Elétrica website we have a wide range of content for the electricity professional to be able to train even more.

The video below teaches you how to prepare for work all year, and how to take advantage of these opportunities.

We finished one more article and we hope to have helped clarify doubts related to the grounding and equipotentialization system. If you have any questions or curiosity about the subject, leave it in the comments and we will answer it!