Installer electrician, what’s your differential?

We know that the job market is increasingly competitive, demanding even more from professionals, whatever the profession! With so much competition it is not enough to just perform good services, but also to have a differential as a professional. Knowing this, what is your differential as an electrician? Thinking about how to help the electrician, be it a residential, building or industrial electrician, Mundo da Elétrica will talk about the importance of qualifying, in addition to passing on some important tips for the professional who wants to have a differential in their services. Come on!

Performing a complete electrical installation, maintaining an installation, changing the shower in a residence, installing a chandelier, fan or simply installing a lamp are certain types of services for a trained professional, such as an electrician, but why Should customers choose their services and not another professional?

What is your differential as an electrician?

Differential or prerequisites?

Some electricians believe that their difference as a good professional is to be fair and always pass the correct price to customers, without exaggerating prices, in addition to being organized and delivering the service with the finish.

If you are a professional who thinks like that you are mistaken because in fact you are confusing what is a prerequisite for being a good electrician and what is in fact a differential. But unfortunately, this happens because there are many “professionals” who do not have at least these prerequisites, thus making professionals who have these basic requirements as a differential, when in fact it is not quite so.

Understanding this difference, between what is a prerequisite and what is a differential, actually creates a separation between the good professional and the bad professional.

Every professional must be honest about the amounts charged for a particular service, not charging abusive prices. If in fact this professional values ​​his service he should always try to do the best job possible, thus naturally separating him from bad professionals.

Differentials for an electrician

There are many factors that can make a difference in your service, compared to the service provided by other professionals, among them we can mention the agility in the service, after all not all electricians are able to work at the same pace.

Offer services that other electricians do not offer, for example in addition to making the internal installations also know how to assemble and install entrance standards, know other technologies, have partnerships with brands and companies, thus being able to offer better prices to customers, these and other points can be considered differentials for an electrician.

Prerequisites for a good electrician

Regarding the prerequisites, in addition to the professional offering a good finish, being honest and organized, we can also highlight punctuality as one of the prerequisites. There are “Professionals” who offer punctuality as a differential, telling the client that in relation to other professionals he always arrives at the agreed time. Another prerequisite that we can take into account for a good electrician is care and education when treating the customer, taking care of the customer’s material for example.

Competition is really a hindrance, but in order to beat the competition it is necessary to have these prerequisites well defined, always in practice by them and to seek more and more differentials.

Electrician Installer – Important Tips

Some electricians have a certain facility to provide services, where the whole experience must be valued, so show your customer your technical capacity, in addition to complying with the prerequisites mentioned. Be transparent, presenting a budget that is as enlightening as possible, in addition to always ensuring security, I try all necessary precautions.

The electrician must be in constant training, every day new technologies and components are launched, therefore, knowing these components and technologies can enable the installer electrician to win more customers .