Is advertising your job as an electrician on Google expensive?

Currently, to stand out in this increasingly competitive market, professionals need much more than quality service. Marketing actions are essential to expand the range of work possibilities and attract more and more customers.

In today’s article we will talk in detail about the importance of marketing to the electrician, in addition to giving tips and information to perform good marketing actions and even advertise on Google.

How should marketing for Electrician be?

Actions to publicize your work must be clear and objective! The first step is to think about the marketing platforms that are offered and which ones can serve you in the best possible way and of course, that is consistent with your financial condition.

Thinking about the possibility of registering a domain and creating a website is an excellent option since it gives huge credibility to your work. Although the site is a great option, you need to have a good server, attractive layout and this requires a good initial investment. If you have not mastered these issues, you can hire a person to take care of this part.

If you do not want to invest in a website or do not have the financial conditions to do so at the moment, the second option is to explore social networks well. Currently, both Instagram and Facebook have been used as tools to publicize people’s work.

Creating an attractive profile, a great page and looking for pictures that promote your services is also an excellent way to promote your work and attract the interest of more customers.


Does advertising on Google work?

How to attract more customers?

  • Organization and Punctuality – These aspects certainly separate outstanding professionals from others. No customer is satisfied when the professional is disorganized and has no punctuality.
  • Interaction – Always talk to customers, but it is very important not to be invasive. Present a pleasant dialogue and always focused on the service performed. No client likes arrogant professionals.
  • Introduce yourself – Marketing on social networks and website depends on your spontaneity. In this type of action, you need to expose yourself, show your face, your skills, in addition to leaving various forms of contacts including phone number and email.
  • Understand the market – Knowing the way competitors work and what are the service demands in your region is an important step in defining the market profile in which you are inserted.
  • Honesty – Honesty is everything! An honest service provider gets a very large clientele since honesty is one of the best ways to publicize your work. When the client likes your honesty, this is one of the main reasons that he will refer you to others.
  • Investment – No more free ads, despite not generating costs, the return is practically nil.

Ads on Google can boost your business considerably, there are several marketing actions involving this ad. In case you still don’t know and don’t know how ads on Google work, that’s what we’re going to talk about next.

How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

The first information is that there is no predetermined amount to advertise on Google. You decide how much you can and want to spend on that campaign. There are several actions to attract beginners, such as bonus coupons.

For large companies, Google offers a payment option categorized as postpaid. To request this option, it is necessary to send reports that prove the high investment for long periods.

For small entrepreneurs, there are forms of payment that are classified as prepaid. The minimum fee is R $ 40.00 per month and it is reverted in ads for your company. Experts indicate that it is not recommended to advertise less than R $ 50.00 per month, otherwise, the return may be very small.

The price variation is directly related to the keywords that will be announced. The ad on Google works through sponsored links and the greater the search for a keyword, the greater the amount invested, aiming for your ad to appear at the top of the searches. Therefore, your investment may be higher or lower, depending on each keyword you want to buy.

Finally, we want to reiterate the importance of carrying out an action to publicize your work effectively. Unfortunately, most people still do not believe in the power of marketing and are unsure about investing in this area, or when they do, they save so much that they end up investing in poor stocks that are unlikely to bring any benefit.