Measuring tape, tips on how to use it!

Measuring tapes are widely used by electricians, as they are extremely important, it is undoubtedly one of the indispensable tools in an electrician’s toolbox. Because tape measures are commonly used by electricians, we will teach you some incredible tips for using tape measures, come on guys!

It is very common to have certain doubts about tools, but there are some tricks about the measuring tape that few people know, tricks and characteristics of the measuring tapes that we should know and that are also extremely important when choosing the right measuring tape.

The measuring tape is a measuring instrument, consisting of a graduated flexible tape and can be rolled up, facilitating its transport, that is, the measuring tape is nothing more than an instrument that we use to compare with already established measurement standards, which from this comparison we can define the extent, length, width, height or depth of something.

Measuring tape tips.

Tape types:

There are different types of measuring tapes, where each of these measuring tapes has certain characteristics that are suitable for certain types of services, but the purpose of all measuring tapes are the same, although they are used by different professionals in different areas.

Long measuring tape

Long measuring tapes are used to measure long distances, such as land, external building areas and measurement in large open areas. The smallest long tapes are usually 15m, but we can also find long tapes with sizes that can reach up to 100m.

It is important to note that the long tapes are made of a very malleable material, such as fiber strips. Because long tapes are generally used outdoors, exposed to the weather, such as sun and rain, the quality of the material must be well evaluated to ensure good tool durability.

Laser tape measure

Another type of measuring tape that is widely used is the digital measuring tape, also known as laser measuring tape or electronic measuring tape, which is used for long distances, and because it has mathematical functions it is used to measure area and volumes of places and structures.

Manual measuring tape

The manual measuring tape is the most used measuring tape for measuring small parts and small distances, such as measuring walls, number of cables, size of conduits, cable trays, etc.

This is the most common measuring tape, which most people know, it is compact, light and easy to store, its sizes vary between 3m and 8m. This measuring tape has a tape brake and lock, which are differentials between brands, in addition to a magnetic tip, which helps when measuring metal parts.

Tape measure: usage tip!

The use of the measuring tape is very intuitive, that is, just mark the initial measurement location and open the measuring tape to the end point of the measurement. The body of the measuring tape is equipped with a scale that indicates the size of what was measured.

At the end of the tape there is a tear, which helps a lot in certain applications, do you know how this tear in the tape can help?

How to use the manual tape tear

This slit in the measuring tape is used for the person to be able to make measurements from the center of a wood, for example, being able to make the measurement using only a nail or screw.

I could use only the tip of the tape measure, but in this case the tear has two functions, the first is to compensate for the size of the nail or screw head, providing a more accurate measurement.

The second function of the slit in the tape measure is to prevent the tape from escaping, precisely because it fits the nail or screw head perfectly.

Tape measure embedded in the screw.

Using this slit of the tape it is possible to draw arcs or circles without needing a compass. For it is enough to attach the tear of the measuring tape to the head of the nail or screw and place the pencil close to the radius measurement, then just turn the measuring tape and the pencil at the same time.

How to make a circle with the measuring tape.

To make it even easier to understand, we have provided a video below, which shows step by step the exact way to use this tape measure.