Micro grinding, features and application!

How about a tool that has several functions like cutting, grinding, sanding, sharpening and polishing? These are some of the functions of a micro grinder. In this article we will show several uses of a micro grinder.

Micro Grinding Machine

Micro grinding is a tool generally used to finish parts because it has great precision for making cuts, holes, engravings, etc. To perform small jobs, its compact size and precision make the micro grinder the best option for this type of work. The speed and power of the micro grinders are two important points, because the jobs that the micro grinders perform require higher speeds.

The biggest advantage of the micro grinder is being able to place several different accessories, where each of them performs a different function. Some micro grinders already come with dozens of accessories and there are many more on the market, that is, you can further increase the functionality of the micro grinder according to each accessory. The coolest thing about micro grinder accessories is that since there is no standard fit for each brand, you can use any brand of accessories in any micro grinder.

Micro grinding machine, several different accessories.

The micro grinder in general looks like a drill, but it cannot be used to replace a traditional drill, as it has a low torque. The micro grinder consists of a nozzle for fitting accessories, a lock button for the nozzle, a button for turning on and off and a selector switch for speed regulation.

It looks like a drill, but it cannot be used as a drill.

Parts that share a micro grinder.

Micro Grinding Machine – Accessories

Now that you know what the characteristics of the micro grinder are, let’s see what these accessories are and their respective functions.


To cut the micro grinders use a cutting disc and their biggest advantage over other cutting tools is that the micro grinder can make smaller and more precise cuts.

Aluminum cut with micro grinding.


For small holes, the micro grinders accept small drills, so we can make very small holes with great precision. For holes with diameters over 5 mm or on resistant surfaces, such as hardened steel and concrete, more powerful tools such as a drill should be used.

Hole in mateira with micro grinding.

Grinding and sanding

Grinding is another great function of the micro grinder, the sanding and grinding accessories are much smaller than conventional files and sandpaper, making it possible to sand smaller and difficult to access places. Imagine the difference in speed of sanding with your hands and with the micro grinder it is certainly much faster and more practical. Another function that sanding stones and grinding stones can be used to sharpen knives and various other cutting tools.

Roughing with micro grinding.


Engraving can be done with accessories that have diamond tips, which allow engraving on almost any type of surface, such as metals, wood, glass, slate, etc.

Micro grinding recording.

To polish

For polishing there are small foams that are generally used to polish and finish the pieces. Polishing is of great importance on parts that are dirty.

Polishing with micro grinding.

Axle Whip

The flexible shaft harness for micro grinding is an extension that makes it possible to enlarge the rotating axis of the micro grinding, thus helping in a more precise and time-consuming finish, since the micro grinding can be on a support and handling can be done by the shaft harness flexible.

Flexible shaft harness for micro grinding.

Micro Grinding Machine – Security

The security is very important when using the micro grinding, to be a very precise and compact is commonly used in small parts tool, thus causing people approach her face to better view the details of the piece. With this in serious danger of a tip breaking or a piece of material being thrown at high speed towards the eyes, so always wear goggles.

The use of a glove is indispensable, as when cutting and roughing metal, the temperature of the material can increase considerably, causing burns. The dust generated by thinning in some parts is another worrying factor, because if inhaled it can be harmful, so always use a mask to avoid inhaling dust.