What is the motor protector?

The motor circuit breaker is responsible for disconnecting the motor as soon as the current (intensity) it is consuming exceeds the nominal current corresponding to the motor power by a percentage, which is indicative of a motor malfunction and it is better to disconnect it to avoid it ends up getting too hot and burning. For this reason it can be classified as a protection element.

These devices protect against overload to the motor, and against short circuit and overload to the power line and to the motor, they have to be connected at the beginning of the motor power line.

Motor guard

There are mainly 2 types of motor protector each with different firing characteristics.


Offers short circuit protection, with the ability to adjust the maximum current range.


This type of trigger is adjustable and has protection against overload and phase loss of the installation.


Clearly it is the combination of the 2 types of motor protector.
-It has a switch (on-off), an overload relay and a magnetic trip perfectly combined with each other.Motor guard symbolThe motor protectors have the ability to regulate the intensity of the motor and also have a small push button or slide as the case may be to test the internal mechanism and check that it works correctly.