NBR 5410 updated: How to download?

As we know, electricity is extremely dangerous and little care is required! So when we refer to electricity, we must always take safety into account first.

For electricity professionals, there are a series of standards and recommendations, such as NBR 5410, which is intended for low voltage electrical installations, thinking about it we will talk about what is the NBR 5410 standard, where NBR 5410 applies and how we can get NBR 5410. Come on, guys!

NBR 5410: What is it?

The Brazilian standard NBR-5410 establishes the right conditions for the usual and safe operation of low voltage electrical installations, that is, voltages of up to 1000V alternating and 1500V in continuous.

In general, the NBR 5410 has as main objective to establish the ideal conditions in low voltage electrical installations, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the installation, with security for installation, people, animals, and the conservation of assets.

The standard NBR 5410 is a guide for professionals in the field of electricity, being essential for services involving electricity, applied mainly in building, public and commercial installations, for example.

For those who have never read NBR 5410, it brings a different text, explaining and inserting rules for low voltage installations, so knowing the standard makes a total difference and above all applying it.

How to download the updated NBR-5410.

Where NBR 5410 applies:

As we already know, the NBR-5410 is a standardization aimed at building installations, however, when we talk about building installation, it is common to think about the residential installation, so the topics below mention exactly where the NBR 5410 standard applies.

  • Discovered areas, external to the buildings;
  • Camping, marine and similar facilities;
  • Temporary installations, such as construction sites, fairs and etc .;
  • Electrical circuits supplied at a nominal voltage equal to or less than 1000 V in alternating current, frequency less than 400 Hz, or 1500 V in direct current:
  • Wiring and electrical networks that are not covered by the standards for the equipment in use;
  • Fixed electrical signal lines, with the exception of the equipment’s internal circuits;
  • New and existing installations, under renovation;

Where NBR 5410 does not apply:

Among the items that will be mentioned below, some belong to specific standards and specifications to the installation, although they are contained in low voltage installations, so the NBR-5410 does not apply to these items.

  • Electric traction installations;
  • Electrical installations for motor vehicles, electric cars, for example;
  • Vessel and aircraft installations;
  • Equipment for the suppression of radioelectric disturbances, insofar as it does not compromise the security of the installations;
  • Street lighting;
  • Public electrical distribution networks;
  • Protection installations against direct lightning strikes, however this standard considers the consequences of atmospheric phenomena on the installations, for example, selection of protection devices against over voltage;
  • Mine facilities;
  • Installations in electric fences;

It is important to note that the application of NBR-5410 does not exempt from following other standards that are applied in specific situations or places, that is, we must also follow these other regulations for installation.

The video below explains what the NBR 5410 standard is, we comment on the entire standard, summarizing its objectives.

NBR 5410 updated: How to achieve

Having and understanding NBR 5410 is extremely important to become a professional of good references, for performing effective and safe services. Many professionals know this and look for the updated standard , but how to get it right? It is important to note that NBR 5410 updated or the previous ones cannot be made available for download, that is, it is only possible to purchase them on the ABNT website.

To acquire the standard you need to enter the ABNT website and go to the “store” tab in the upper right corner, in the next window choose the option “ABNT standards”, then click on the option “search and purchase your standard” .

Now just fill in NBR 5410 in the “number” tab and then click on “search”. A list will appear with all the options related to NBR 5410, so just choose the one that best suits you.