NR10 download and how to purchase!

Today’s topic is NR10! A lot of people ask where I get the NR10 handout and how do I download the NR10 in pdf? These questions are common and in this article, we will give you all these answers and you will still be aware of all the aspects that NR10 addresses, come on guys!

NR10: What is the objective?

Regulatory Standard 10 was created by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment, aims to guarantee and improve the safety of all professionals who work with electrical installations and/or activities that involve electricity. Its most recent update happened in 2004.

NR10 was created because the number of accidents occurring in this activity was very high, especially among professionals who worked with high tension. This factor was even more worrying due to the poor training of the outsourced professionals, that is, they did not receive the proper instruction and with that, they ended up becoming the main victims.

See how to download the updated and complete NR10

NR10: Application?

As already mentioned, NR10 applies to all workers who work with electricity, that is, low, medium or high voltage! Check out the list below:

  • Generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.
  • Design, construction, assembly, operation, maintenance of electrical installations, and or work carried out in its vicinity.

The standard says that all electrical installations must have measures to control the risk of electrical accidents, in addition to accurate identification of all electrical circuits there.

Therefore, it is necessary to create an Electrical Installation Record, which must be kept up to date by the employer and remain available to all workers involved in those installations. It is important to emphasize that these documents need to be prepared by a legally qualified professional.

Another very important point of NR10 is that employers are obliged to subject their employees to specific training. This training must have a workload of 40 hours for the basic course and more than 40 hours for the complementary course. Training must be carried out by qualified and qualified professionals.

NR10: Main points addressed

  • Purpose and field of application
  • Fire and explosion protection
  • Safety signs
  • Control measures
  • Project security
  • Qualification, qualification, training, and authorization of workers.
  • Safety in construction, assembly, operation, and maintenance
  • Safety in de-energized installations
  • Work procedures
  • Emergency situation
  • Safety in energized installations
  • High voltage work
  • Responsibilities

Where to download the NR10?

All NR`s including NR10 can be downloaded from the Ministry of Labor website and the process is very simple. By downloading the standard directly from the Ministry’s website, you are sure that you are downloading the correct, complete, and most up-to-date standard possible. Therefore, never download NR10 from other sites.

NR10: How to download?

  • You must first access the Ministry of Labor website
  • Then you must click on the desired NR, in our case, NR10
  • Then you must move the mouse cursor to the bottom left side of the page, until the download icon appears
  • Click on the icon and choose the save option
  • Now just access your folder where the download is saved and ready

NR10: How to Print?

If you want the printed standard, the process is also very simple. Having the standard in print is also a great option.

  • You must first access the Ministry of Labor website
  • Then you must click on the desired NR, in our case, NR10
  • Then you must move the mouse cursor to the bottom left side of the page until the icon to print appears.
  • Click the icon and choose the print option and you’re done

If you would like to download another NR, you must repeat this process by accessing the Ministry of Labor’s website and choosing the desired standard. As the process is very simple, just follow these tips and you will have no problems. Having the standards in hand is the obligation of every electrician!