Online courses. Advantages and disadvantages!

Technology has been helping us more and more, contributing to the expansion and intensification of studies, bringing several possibilities for those who want to study. We know the countless advantages that online courses can offer us and are also called distance learning courses (DE), but what are the risks, advantages and disadvantages of online courses? Thinking about it, we will help you to clarify some frequently asked questions, in relation to distance courses, in addition to talking about the advantages and disadvantages of online courses, come on guys!

The online courses or courses with distance learning are still a very recent initiative in Brazil, were developed by higher education institutions, whose main objective was to facilitate access to education for those who live at a relatively high distance from universities or even for those who have very little time to follow the face-to-face classes.

Distance learning is growing more and more, but despite this growth, many people still have a certain fear of starting the course based on this model of teaching, mainly higher education and technical course. The tip for those who want to enroll in distance learning courses is to check if the educational institution is relatively easily accessible, as the tests are done in person, in addition, the main factor is to check on the MEC website if the educational institution is recognized and how it is evaluated your grade.

Before mentioning some of the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning courses, it is worth noting that these aspects are relative, as certain characteristics of online courses may or may not be valid according to the profile of each student.

Distance Learning (DE).

Online courses: Advantages

Among the advantages of distance courses, we can mention the flexibility, as it is an excellent opportunity to manage time. In face-to-face schools you need to follow the timetable that the educational institution and teachers have determined for you, meanwhile, in online courses, you are solely responsible for organizing your own time, based on the moment when you have the greatest concentration and availability, being possible to reconcile several day-to-day tasks with the course. In addition, the student can take the course at his own pace if he is faster than others, he does not need to wait for them, however, if he is slower it may take as long as necessary to complete classes and activities.

Some say that traditional courses are better in relation to student-teacher interaction, but this is relative, as online courses offer study opportunities in group chats for example, which ends up helping the shyest students or those who do not explicitly say what they think, providing better learning for them.

Another advantage of distance courses is the comfort and convenience, learning in your own environment, where you have more freedom, contributes to a better concentration and learning, because if the student is alone in a certain environment he is not easily distracted.

We can cite as one of the main advantages of online courses that they have reduced costs in comparison to certain classroom courses, because online courses generally have a smaller number of teachers and books, which can reflect on the final price of the course, in addition to transportation costs and even food, as the trip to the educational institution is less or does not exist and the cost of food can be lower, because having a snack, lunch or dinner at home may have a lower price than in cafeterias and restaurants.

Online courses: Disadvantages

Certainly studying in a traditional classroom and interacting with other people is not the central aspect of an online course, but some people need to have someone to help them during the learning process, as for example the educator can help personally and at the same time to clarify doubts and solve problems, in addition to talking about the subject with other students also contributes to better student development and learning.

Distance courses require a lot of self-discipline from the student, if he does not have this self-discipline it is unlikely that the student will feel motivated to complete the course online, as there is no teacher saying exactly the day and time that he should start the course, very less the duration of classes and when to deliver activities and work, without this self-discipline the student may end up harming himself.

One of the questions we have in relation to online courses is about practices, as many of the courses require a practical part, as it facilitates understanding, especially technical and professional courses, and there must be a balance between practice and theory . The video below better explains the relationship between practice and theory, such as which is more important or if only one of these factors is enough to become a good professional.

We finished another article and hope to have helped clarify the advantages and disadvantages of online courses. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments and we will respond.