Power standard for multiple homes, how to do?

How to calculate the input pattern? How to dimension an input pattern and circuit breaker? The entry pattern can be different in the dealerships, such as the entry pattern of CEMIG, CPFL, COELBA, CELPE, CELESC, AMPLA, COPEL, LIGHT, and others. Is the connection of two houses in the same energy input pattern allowed? Our theme today involves the connection of two or more houses in the same energy pattern , which in some places is called an energy meter, the answer you can see below, come on guys!

Power Standard: General Circuit Breaker

An energy input pattern can connect more than one house, but it is very important to understand that for that, people need to pay even more attention to the details that must be taken into account, but what are these details?

The first detail is about the circuit breaker current of the standard! It should be sufficient to feed both facilities. The current of the circuit breaker cannot be set just by adding the current of house A to the current of house B, the definition of the current depends on a survey of circuits, in addition to applying all the demand factors for each of these circuits and only after that, it will be possible to define which general circuit breaker should be used for both houses at the same time.

Power standard: Cable dimensioning

The second detail is about the correct dimensioning of the cables for this particular situation because just like circuit breakers, the cables must also be able to withstand this current. Therefore, just changing the circuit breaker to increase the current without taking into account the cable capacity is a big problem, which will certainly cause overheating and overload. This point is very important since few people really care about correctly dimensioning the cables, and this is undoubtedly a very serious mistake!

Power Standard: QDC

The two houses cannot have just one circuit distribution board (QDC) controlling everything, so the correct thing is that there is a distribution board (QD), with a general circuit breaker and two partial circuit breakers, as shown in the image below.

QD installation scheme for two houses!

In this way, one partial circuit breaker will be responsible for supplying the QDC for house 1 and the other partial circuit breaker will be responsible for supplying the QDC for house 2, that is, there must be one (QDC) for each house and they will be responsible for distributing it to the home circuits, as shown in the image below.

Scheme of energy distribution in two houses with a power pattern!

Following this meter scheme, switchboard and circuit switchboards is very important! Just as it is essential to understand that each step must have the correct circuit breakers, because only then will it be possible to guarantee selectivity and prevent the two houses from being disconnected in the event of an electrical problem in only one of them.

If you want to go even deeper into this topic, we will leave below, an entire video from the Mundo da Elétrica channel talking about this subject and showing the QD and QDC distribution scheme in a very dynamic way, it is worth checking out!

Finally, we want to inform you that the energy input pattern can be single-phase, two-phase or three-phase, and they are all capable of feeding one or more houses! But the most suitable for two houses, is to choose the entry standard with 2 meters that can be embedded in the wall or choose a standard pole for two houses.

And so we hope to have answered the question of all of you who would like to know if it is allowed to install a standard just to power two homes. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we will be happy to answer them.