Practice or theory? Which is more important?

A very old debate is about the importance of theory and practice in a professional’s career! There are electricians who say that theory is more important than practice, but there are also professionals who say that practice is much more important. In this article, we will talk about the importance of theory and practice for your training, come on guys!

Theory or practice: Which is better?

We can say that both theory and practice are fundamental, that is, they complement each other! The professional who focuses only on theory or practice is unlikely to stand out in the job market. And it is precisely for this reason that the courses of good quality electricians have theoretical and practical classes.

Electricians who have no theoretical training and are extremely efficient in practice, unfortunately not the most suitable professionals to carry out the activity for the customer. Professionals who are sometimes less skilled, but correctly follow the guidelines and requirements of the standards, will perform an efficient and safe service for customers.

For the electrician what is more important, theory or practice?

We know that there are advocates who claim that if the problem is resolved, it doesn’t matter which method was used! For them, the theory is not so relevant, but is that true? The electrical installation can work for a time even under ideal conditions, but it is not because the installation is working that everything is correct, since several problems arise over time or according to use.

Thus, customers who choose professionals who do not follow the rules will certainly have future problems and the headache can be huge because many of them will not even know how to fix them, precisely because they do not know the theoretical part that explains that problem. .

Therefore, purely practical learning does not give the electrician the right adaptation for other situations such as, for example, correctly using the proper design calculations for other types of installation.

Electrician: How to improve the practice?

Now we are going to highlight the indispensable aspects of the practice, and this is an important point for electricians who are defenders of the theory. Training should be a constant practice in the life of the electricity professional, that is, when learning the theory, the best thing to do is to put these learnings into practice.

It is important to understand that the client will almost always want the most agile professional, as this way the service will be completed much more quickly. So, in addition to showing that you understand the standards and explaining why they are important, the professional has to develop good agility in electrical tasks.

Another positive point of the practice is that the good professional will fix even more the information he studied when performing the various tasks in the electrical field. On the other hand, the professional who does not put into practice what he has learned will possibly forget a lot of information.

Theory and practice are important

The electrician’s profession is very important for the entire population, and the electrical professional should be the first to value himself. But for all work to be correct, safety must be the first concern and it is essential that the electrician has NR 10 training.

The amount to be charged for the activity must be quite correct and fair for both parties. If you want to know a little more about the client and professional relationship, there are several articles here in the World of Electrical talking about the important points, such as, for example, electrical service budget .