Rain and lack of energy, why does this happen?

It rained, and the light ended, why does this happen? This is a reality in the lives of many Brazilians, isn’t it? And if I spoil the food in the fridge, what do I do? In this article, the World of Electrical explains why it tends to fail when it rains, and how you should act in these cases. Come on, guys!

Rain and lack of energy
If we think about it, there are many reasons for the lack of power on rainy days! In case you don’t know, rain can punish electrical installations in several ways, and in this article, you will know what these causes are.

I believe that most people may be thinking that lightning is the main reason for the lack of energy on rainy days. If you are part of this group, know that you have ideas for this, because lightning strikes are among the factors causing the lack of energy.


Does lightning cause a lack of light?
A lightning strike in an electrical network can cause several problems. If you have never seen a lightning strike straight into a transformer, know that it is an impressive scene and, at the same time, scary! This usually causes severe damage and can turn off the electricity in an entire neighborhood.

We also have cases where the lack of light is caused by protection. An example is when the electrical surge caused by lightning causes the DPS to act, which is a protective device. In this case, the power interruption will occur to protect the facilities.

Does wind cause a lack of light?
Another significant cause of the lack of light on rainy days is the strong winds! They can cause the electrical cables of the distribution network to come closer by closing electrical arcs. As in the case of lightning, this type of situation can cause the protection components to act, but in this case, the circuit breaker will work.

The strong wind can also cause tree branches and other materials to be projected onto the mains cables, thus causing a short circuit or cable break. In some rarer cases, the strong wind that comes with the rain can even bring down a transmission tower.

What to do when the light goes out?
Whatever the situation mentioned, energy utilities need to act quickly to ensure that energy is restored in the shortest possible time, but what if it takes too long?

This is the complaint of many people here in Brazil! They report that power restoration takes too long, so what to do? In case of damages that can be proven by the delay in restoring electricity, it is possible to request reimbursement from the concessionaire.

However, it is necessary to inform the concessionaire about the lack of energy! To do this, use the customer service, write down all protocols, and document everything because if you need to take any future action, you will have to present all records of complaints.

Know that if the problem is not solved correctly, it is possible to generate a complaint directly at ANEEL, and you can also request reimbursement through an action in a small claims court.

Power outage: Problems inside the property
It is essential to be aware, as in some cases, rain can cause an electrical failure after the input pattern. In this situation, the owner of the property is responsible for finding the problem and solving it.

One of the main problems that rain can cause after the entry pattern is cable breakage! We also need to mention the increase in current leakage, which is directly related to the damage caused in the insulation.

The most advisable is to hire an electrician who must know how to identify and solve this type of work, because only then will he be able to properly help the customer who is experiencing this power failure problem.

The guideline is to make sure that the lack of light is only in your home or that the problem has hit the entire street or even the neighborhood. Remember to keep in touch with your neighbors during the lack of light, and this is essential to know if the delay in restoring electricity is with everyone or just in your property.

Have you ever wondered if you have an essential service task to do, and the light ends? Imagine that you are finishing that vital job in college, and the light ends! In many cases, there is no time to wait for the sun to come back, so an emergency solution may be the use of a UPS, which will guarantee you an extra time of application. In the video below, the Mundo da Elétrica channel, you can know everything about this equipment and what are the advantages of using it.