Registration of medical and emergency information!

What to do in cases of accidents involving electricity? What is the first step to take? Electricity offers several health risks, and electricity accidents can be fatal. Knowing this the World of Electrical presents a tip of extreme need and that can save lives.

In every NR10 training, there is a workload reserved for first aid, as this subject is very important! Knowing how to perform first aid is essential, as you feel prepared to provide first aid to a person who has an accident.

It is essential to activate the rescue teams as soon as an accident occurs, be it the firefighters or SAMU, which is the mobile emergency service. It is essential that when calling the rescue team you have as much information as possible about the person who had an accident, when the accident victim is awake and can speak, just ask. But if the person is unconscious the use of the emergency registration of the cell phone can save the victim’s life.

Medical and Emergency Information

Virtually everyone today has a cell phone and even with the cell phone locked you can access the person’s medical data. In some cell phones, for example, just touch the screen to open the cell phone unlock screen, but there is another button which is the emergency call.

When you click the emergency button, the telephone keypad appears and you can dial the emergency teams, but at the bottom left there is a red icon for medical and emergency information, on some models, the icon can be on the above, it will depend on the phone model.

Medical and emergency information.

Dr, Augusto Pupio, who was a SAMU rescuer for many years, made a recent video that has been running on social networks talking about the importance of registering your emergency data on your cell phone and how much it can save lives.

Registration of Medical and Emergency Information

To register emergency data, just enter your profile settings on your phone. We want to make it clear that this configuration can change a little from one device to the other.

On certain smartphones, just enter the contact list and right at the beginning, you have your own contact. Clicking on it appears a list of information and the option of registering medical and emergency information.

It is possible to register information such as, for example, any allergies you have, medications you are taking, blood type or other data that are important for a doctor to analyze your health status.

Registration of medical and emergency information.

It is convenient that you register this information on your cell phone, because this relatively simple data can save your life in the event of an emergency. It is important to be aware of the information that is registered, as anyone who has access to your device may be reading this information. So we recommend that you do not include personal addresses, document numbers, family numbers, among others. Only register information that can save your life in the event of an accident.

All professionals who have undergone NR10 training are aware of the dangers and damage that an accident involving electricity can cause. Unfortunately sometimes we forget to keep our knowledge in practice, below we will leave a video from the Mundo da Elétrica channel showing what to do in cases of accidents involving electricity.