Saber saw, tool for electrician!

Certainly the tools greatly facilitate the services performed by electricians, especially if the choice is made correctly. Unfortunately some people see the tools as a very expensive investment, but when in fact the tools are an excellent way to expand the area of ​​operation, because with them we can have more practicality, efficiency and safety in the tasks performed.

Knowing this we decided to talk about what a saber saw is, how a saber saw works, the characteristics of the saber saw and its advantages of the saber saw, besides teaching how to use the saber saw in the right way, come on guys!

Using the right tool for each type of activity is the guarantee of a better service, and performing better and faster services contributes to higher revenue, without a doubt!

Saber saw, tool for electrician

Saber saw

We can define the saber saw basically as an automatic saw, the Saber Saw of the SS7020 line from Starrett is a tool designed to cut various types of materials, such as wood, plastic, metal sheets and tubes for example. This saber saw is a very light, robust tool and has the ability to carry out work safely and with great practicality.

Saber saw: Features

This tool was designed with its ergonomic shape in mind, which combined with its low weight makes this machine extremely comfortable for the operator’s hand. Among the features of this tool, we can highlight the lever for quick blade change, a safety button and an LED lamp, in addition the saber saw shoe can be adjustable.

When purchasing this saber saw from Starrett it comes with two 2.0Ah batteries, a 110V or 220V charger, a kit of saw blades and a pouch to carry the tool.

Complete battery saber saw kit.

Saber saw: Advantages and disadvantages

The saber saw is an excellent cutting tool, which can help a lot in some day to day activities. Because the saber saw is basically an automatic saw and just like any other saw, we can highlight as a negative point, that the cuts made with this saw are not so precise because the tip of the saw is not fixed, but in spite of everything, this saber saw is very useful when you want a quick and effortless cut.

One of the advantages of the battery-powered saber saw is that they can be easily transported and used to carry out maintenance and repair in the field, as there is no need to worry about the outlets nearby.

Due to the quick-change system, the cutting blade can be easily replaced, locking it in safe operating conditions. In addition, this tool contains a safety button, which prevents accidental starting. It also has an LED lamp, this lamp is that allows the user to have an illuminated view in the work area.

Battery-powered LED saw lamp.

Another feature found on the SS7020 is the control of the strokes / minute by the user, with this feature it is enough to control the pressure of the fingers on the trigger, which the strokes vary proportionally to the touch.

An interesting point in the manufacture of blades for cutting tools, is that the fitting is standard and blades from other brands also fit this Starrett saber saw machine.

To close the benefits of this battery-powered saw, we have to mention the possibility of using the battery of any other Starrett tool, since the company created a unique model for the tools, that is, if you have any other tool to the battery of the Starrett, the batteries can be used in the various tools.

Saber Saw: Applications

Because the saber saw is light and robust, it has the ability to perform professional and domestic jobs safely and accurately. With reciprocating movement of the cutting tool , this machine performs cuts with different types of blades in different types of materials, being used for different types of work, such as tree pruning, reducing the volume of materials to be discarded, cutting tubes, plates and etc.

A very interesting curiosity is that this type of saw is widely used by the fire brigade in rescue operations, to access places where accidents or fires occurred, for example.

Saber saw: How to use it?

The use of the saber saw is very simple, as the saw has no complex adjustment, the only adjustment the saw has is the cutting area. In the image below a lock is indicated on the side of the saber saw, with this lock it is possible to loosen and secure the cutting guide and with that, we can increase or decrease the area that the blade will have in contact with the material to be cut.

Lock to adjust the cutting guide.

It is important to adjust the size of the cutting area according to what is going to be cut, because this way we are able to have a much better cutting stability. The cutting guide also has an angle adjustment to facilitate when cutting.

Be aware of the blade you are using, as using the correct blade is essential to obtain maximum tool performance, the blades change according to the material to be cut and the type of cut to be made.

The process of removing and placing the blade is very simple, there is also a side lever that releases the lock for the blade, that is, just attach or remove the blade, see the image below for the lever used to change the saber saw blade.

Latch to change the saber saw blade.

To operate the cutting blade is very simple, just press the safety lock, which serves to prevent unintentional actuation, and then press the tool trigger.

Saber saw safety lock.

The video below mentions some of the advantages and tips for using the saber saw, see in practice how this tool behaves when making a cut in different materials.