Screwdriver! What types and how to choose?

Do you think there is only 1 type of screwdriver? If your answer was yes, know that you are wrong! In this article we will show you 10 types of screwdrivers, in addition to explaining their characteristics and uses, come on guys!

Screwdriver: Features

Screwdrivers were invented together with screws and this happened around the 15th century. Since its invention, screwdrivers have become more beautiful, but their use has remained the same and efficient.

Precisely because of its efficiency, screwdrivers have become one of the most used hand tools worldwide. So, if you like to know tips about the tools, read all the information carefully and never use a screwdriver the wrong way again!

Our first tip is that any wrench that has a slit shape, that is, that has a hole in the head or that fits into a slit in the head of a screw, is called a screwdriver.

Parallel screwdriver

Simple screwdriver model

This screwdriver is certainly the most common and best known, also called the simple screwdriver. Its use is best known of all, having as main variation only the size and thickness of the key according to the slot.

Philips screwdriver

Ph cross screwdriver model

This key has this name thanks to its inventor Henry Phillips, who was responsible for developing and patenting this type of screw and wrench. An interesting curiosity is that the first major customer to use this pattern was the GM company, which in 1937 adopted this screw for the manufacture of Cadilacs. After that, practically the entire American industry adopted the philips standard for screws and fasteners.

Pozidrive screwdriver PZ

Pozidriv PZ screwdriver model

This key is also called double cross and many people confuse the head of this type of pozidrive key with Philips. The incorrect use of this tool causes wear on the screw head. Therefore, it is important to know the tools to be able to analyze whether the screw and the wrench are compatible.

External torx screwdriver

External torx screwdriver model

The shape of this torx key is very reminiscent of a star and so in many places this key is known as a star key, and some people also call this hexalobular key. Quite different from the other previous keys, this type of key has the slot in the key itself, thus justifying its external torx name.

Internal torx screwdriver

Internal torx screwdriver model

By the name it was easy to imagine that this type is a variation of the previous screwdriver, having as main difference the crack that is in the screw and not in the key.

External square screwdriver

External frame screwdriver model

This wrench is used for both metal screws and plastic plugs for threaded pipes. As its name suggests, its fit is for square slits.

XZN multi-hand screwdriver

XZN multi-ID screwdriver model

This wrench is well known as a rifled wrench and this wrench model is used for rifled slotted screws. I believe that of all the keys I have quoted so far, this striated key is possibly the least common!

Hexagonal screwdriver

Hexagonal screwdriver model

This key is popularly known as the Allen key and a very interesting curiosity, is that in fact the Allen key refers to the shape of the key which is an L. This type of key is usually sold in a kit with various sizes of hex key.

External hex screwdriver

External hex screwdriver model

In this model the key is found in the traditional format with cable, being popularly known as cannon key. In addition to the traditional shape with plastic handles, the external hex key can be found in kits with multiple sockets that are also known as pipes.

In these socket kits there is a cable with a socket that allows the professional to change the sockets, thus making it possible to have several sizes of slots for different sizes of different screws.

Slotted profile screwdriver

Slotted profile screwdriver model

This screwdriver also has very specific functions, which can be found in the trade in the socket / pipe format.

You can see that in all the photos there are also the models of the screws compatible with each type of wrench, this serves to facilitate the understanding of where to use them. So, with these tips I’m sure it was easier to define which screwdriver should be used in each situation, right?

So, did you know all these types of screwdrivers? Which model have you ever needed and didn’t have in your toolbox? Leave a comment with your answer and let’s keep talking about this amazing tool!