Shower with armored resistance

The shower is an essential item in a residence, but care must be taken in relation to safety and standards and we must pay attention to certain details before purchasing a shower. Knowing this, we will talk about some details about the showers, such as what is a shower with armoured resistance, what is an electronic shower, in addition to passing on tips on which the most economical shower and how to save energy expenditure shower, come on guys!

Electric shower

There are several models of showers available on the market, each one with different mechanisms and functions, we can mention some types of showers, such as electric showers, Hybrid showers, pressurized showers and electronic showers, in addition to armoured resistance showers.

As we know the shower is one of the “villains” in the electric bill, without a doubt it is one of the charges that consume the most electricity inside a residence, if not the one that consumes the most, next to the electric shower we can also mention the air conditioning, electric oven, electric tap, microwave and among others.

Electric shower: common resistance and armoured resistance

The most common shower we can find is very basic, as its parts are basically a resistance, a rubber membrane and a selector switch so that the resistance is the part responsible for heating the water, with different configurations.

The resistance of a shower is a metallic piece, which can be chrome, nickel or a junction between these two metals. These metals that make up the shower resistance, have the ability to reach high temperatures without being damaged, so the water that comes in contact with the resistance is heated.

We can say that there are basically two types of resistances, which is the common resistance and the armoured resistance, the main difference between the common resistance and the armoured resistance is that the armoured resistance does not come into direct contact with water, guaranteeing a series of advantages.

What is armoured resistance

Common resistance: Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of a shower that has common resistance, is in relation to its price, because in comparison to armoured resistance showers the common resistance shower has a much lower price. On the other hand, the main disadvantage of a common resistance shower is the leakage of current, in addition, its useful life is relatively shorter, when compared with the shower of armoured resistance.

Armoured resistance: Advantages and disadvantages

armoured electrical resistance does not come into direct contact with water, and ends up providing several advantages, such as providing greater security and enabling the installation of protective equipment, such as DR, as there is no current leakage, that is, there is no current leakage. electric shock.

As armoured resistance showers are related to safety, in electrical installations that are in accordance with NBR 5410 standards the use of DR is mandatory, and due to the common resistance shower having the resistance in direct contact with water, leakage occurs of current, therefore it cannot be used in circuits that have DR, therefore the showers with armored resistance are compatible with DR.

Electric or electronic shower?

Both the electric shower and the electronic shower use electricity to heat water, however what differs is that electric showers have only three options for regulating their resistance, and their temperature control is controlled by the flow of water and the three resistance positions.

However, electronic showers use electronic components that are able to perform an adequate control of the power to be delivered by the resistor. Regardless of the amount of water in its outlet, the electronic shower has a greater possibility of controlling the temperature ranges, since the way in which the power adjustment is made is linear, thus allowing a gradual regulation of its dissipated power, obtaining the maximum shower efficiency.

Energy saving

For those who are looking for a way to save on the electric bill, the electronic shower has great advantage and is the best option, as it has a high efficiency in relation to the electric shower, in addition to its power being adjustable, so temperature can be regulated according to the consumer’s need.

It is important to highlight that in order to have a lower consumption of electric energy, it is useless to use the shower with the maximum power, because it will be practically the same situation as using an ordinary shower, therefore, because the resistance is not fixed, the electronic shower has the possibility to consume a smaller amount of energy, as it is possible to vary its power.

We finished one more article and hope to have helped clarify doubts related to armored showers and electronic showers. If you have any questions or curiosity about the subject, leave it in the comments and we will answer it!