Take the phone RJ11, installation tips!

Do you know how many wires are in the phone jack? There are 2, 4 and 6 wire sockets. In this article, we will show you how to install the telephone jack very simply and explain about the CI cable for the telephone.

RJ11 socket

The RJ11 (Registered Jack) is a connector used for terminating telephone wires. In Brazil, RJ11 has been replacing the telebrás socket for telephone connections. RJ11 can be used as a plug or socket.

The RJ11 socket is the most common to be installed, as generally the telephone cables already come with the RJ11 connector or plug installed, thus needing only a connection point which is the RJ11 socket. The installation of the telephone point or telephone socket is very simple.

Below we have a 4-wire RJ11 plug module because in addition to connecting the telephone point that uses two wires, we have two more wires that are used for communication with telephone exchanges.

4-wire RJ11 socket came to replace the telebrás socket.

There are some outlets that have up to 6 wires which are the RJ12 sockets, but these are little used here in Brazil.

In RJ11 sockets, the slot for the telephone cable has the same shape as an RJ45 network socket, the difference is that it uses fewer cables and its connection input is smaller.

In RJ11 sockets the plug-in location is the same format as an RJ45 network socket.

RJ11 its input for connection is smaller than RJ45.

To make connections properly, the RJ11 and RJ12 sockets have a connection diagram that shows the color of the cables. To connect a telephone point, we must connect L1 and L2, which are terminals 3 and 4 of the RJ11 socket.

Wiring diagram for the RJ11 and RJ12 sockets.

The telephone cable has no polarization, so we can connect the two cables of the telephone network in any order as long as it is in terminals 3 and 4.

The cable used for installing the internal communication part is the CI cable. The CI cable has three numbers, 0.40, 0.50 and 0.60, with the 0.50 cable being the most used, so its common name is CI50 cable.

The CI cable is made up of pairs and can be found with the nomenclature CI50 cable 1 pair. This means that the cable consists of a communication pair. There are also cables with more pairs such as CI 10 pairs and even CI 1200 pairs.

Now that we have explained everything that was needed to install correctly, let’s go to installation in practice. Below we have a box of passage that already has our cable CI50 1 pair.

Installation – RJ11 socket

Installation is very simple, just strip the two wires coming out of the box. Then connect one of the two wires to terminal 3 and another wire to terminal 4. Now, the electrical part of the telephone jack is already installed.

Connecting the wires to the RJ11 socket.

As our telephone jack is modular, after connecting the cables, just plug the module into the holder and tighten, then put the cover and the finishing mirror, the socket is ready to be used.

Completion of installation in the pass box.’