Technicians are not entitled to CREA

We know that technical professionals are extremely important, not only within the industry, but they are also essential for the development of the whole country. Knowing this, we will address some details related to the regulation of technicians in the labor market and explain why technicians were emancipated from CREA, who these technicians are and what the CFT is.

The mid-level industrial technicians left the CONFEA / CREA System, they will be governed by the CFT, created in 2018 by Law 13.639, and the mid-level industrial technicians are those in the engineering group – mechanics and metallurgy, chemistry, electrical , civil, surveying and geology and mines.

What is CREA?

CREA is the acronym that stands for Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy, CREA has entities in all states of the country and constitute the regional incorporation of the Federal Council of Engineering and Agronomy, known by the acronym CONFEA, which is the largest supervisory board in the professional practice in Latin America, one of the largest supervisory boards in the world.

CREA’s function is to verify, guide and supervise professional activities in the areas of engineering, agronomy, technologists and industrial technicians of medium level, so that they do not commit any illegal practice. In addition, CREA also promotes professional development and guarantees the excellence of professional activities.

It is very important to highlight that the Regional Councils of Engineering and Architecture are entities belonging to the state sphere and constitute the Federal Council of Engineering and Agronomy (CONFEA), which is responsible for the inspection of technological professions throughout the national territory.

Technicians are emancipated from CREA and migrate to CFT.

What is CFT?

CFT is the acronym that stands for the Federal Council of Industrial Technicians, which a few decades ago a group of technicians started working for the professional regulation of the technicians category – Law nº 5.524 / 1968 and Decree nº 90.922 / 1985, and the creation of their own council .

The presidential sanction of Law 13.639 / 2018 represents not only another historic achievement for technicians, but mainly the completion of a political cycle and the beginning of a new era, which provides greater security to society and certainly the professional valorization for thousands of technicians, who contribute significantly to the whole country.

Technicians who remain in the CONFEA / CREA system:

  • Medium level technicians who make up the agronomy group, until the Agricultural Technicians Council is formed;
  • Medium level technicians belonging to the Special Group – technicians in occupational safety;

It is important to note that the following cases are exceptions, as they can be reviewed by Crea, if the professional expresses in writing, the interest that his professional collection as an industrial technician be sent to the CFT

  • Mid-level technicians in occupational safety who have more than one degree and technical level;
  • Mid-level technicians who also hold a college degree;
  • Mid-level technicians with titles in the industrial and agricultural areas, simultaneously.

How’s the technician’s records?

Based on the 90-day period provided for in the Law, as from the constitution of the CFT, there is no longer a legal bond between industrial technicians such as CONFEA / CREA, as determined by CONFEA in a technical note. Thus, these professionals in the technical area will be linked exclusively to the new council that was created, the CFT. Therefore, the records of these professionals will be migrated to the CFT, as well as the technical collection, processes and other registration data.

In the case of companies that have a mid-level professional as Technical Responsible (RT), if they want to maintain their regular technical activities with the CONFEA / CREA System, they must present RT at a higher level or cancel their registration.

All industrial technicians who have their CREA annuity paid, should not worry, since all their records were automatically transferred to the CFT, together with the amount of the annuity already paid.

ART issue

Industrial technicians will no longer issue the Technical Responsibility Note (ART), from then on technicians will issue the Technical Responsibility Term (TRT), but rest assured that TRT has the same value or importance as ART, after all TRT is issued by a federal agency.

Public bodies and concessionaires are obliged to accept the Technical Responsibility Term, since the CFT was created by law as a federal one, thus having the same value and degree of importance as ART.

Final considerations

Technicians should not be concerned with this change, after all these professionals are not getting hurt or something similar, but the opposite, because this change somehow values ​​industrial technicians even more, besides contributing even more with the inspection of the services provided by these professionals.

As these changes, CREA will no longer have the competence to issue fines and supervise the professional activity of technicians, as well as companies that the “technicians responsible” are technicians, that is, it will be the total and exclusive responsibility of the CFT system.

It is also important to note that this is not the first recent emancipation case of emancipation from the CONFEA / CREA system. In 2010, Law no. 12,378, which regulated the exercise of Architecture and Urbanism, creating the Council of Architecture and Urbanism of Brazil – CAU / BR.

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We finished one more article and we hope to have helped to clarify the main doubts related to technicians having been emancipated from the CONFEA / CREA system. If you have any questions or curiosity about the subject, leave it in the comments and we will answer it!