What is a tarraja?
A tarraja or also known as a tap is a manual tool used to make spiral or external thread cuts, either in bolts, screws or tubes.


Parts of the tarraja
Being a fairly simple tool we can find few parts such as the socket to make the thread, a ratchet and a handle or tube to be able to exert more force on the materials of great hardness. As an observation there is a small difference in the dice depending on whether it is for tubes or screws.

Given: It is the part that comes into direct contact with the objects to be threaded, there are dies for each measurement of tubes or screws as the case may be.
Ratchet: It can also be known as a dice holder because it is in charge of holding the die, it has an internal mechanism that gives us the possibility of choosing the direction of rotation.

Handle: Serves to be able to grasp the tool and exert the appropriate force to make the thread.
Tarraja parts

How to use a jar?
For the use of this tool, an extra accessory is usually used, which is a tripod or a bench to hold the tube, or a screw press in case of screws. Once the object is fixed, we place it inside the hole that the die has, in case of working with steel materials we must place some lubricant to avoid friction and excessive wear of the tool, as a final step we must exert force on the handle so that The jar rotates and generates the thread in the material.

Use tarraja

Types of tarraja
We can find different types either by size, for screws or tubes and electrics.


For tubes
This type is larger and is always accompanied by a ratchet to be able to select the direction of rotation. Inside the die we find four interchangeable blades that are the ones that make the threads.

Tarraja tube

For screws
These are smaller and the dice has a flower shape in the center.

Screw tarraja

In millimeters and inches
We can find tarrajas either in millimeters or in the imperial system.

This tool is the most advanced since it incorporates electrical systems to facilitate work. To use it, just insert the object into the die and press a trigger that turns it.

Electric tarraja

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