Tips for getting electrical handouts

We know that the job market requires increasingly qualified professionals, so the importance of always seeking more knowledge, through courses, lectures, books, and handouts. Thinking about this subject, we decided to help you, giving you some tips so that you can study electrical, such as electrical handouts, handouts for electricians, basic electricity handouts and electric courses. Come on!

It is common to receive requests for the indication of handouts in the area of ​​electrical and didactic material in general. We know that many people are interested in the area of ​​electricity, so they are constantly looking for teaching materials on electrical.

Undoubtedly one of the main ways used to access didactic materials is digital media, despite the infinity of books in the technical area using PDF of books and handouts is very common, one of the main reasons being to save physical space and easy access, having the possibility to consult books and handouts anywhere using just a cell phone or tablet for example.

Find out how to get free electric handouts.

Electric handouts: Where to get?

The major brands of components, devices and electrical machines are an excellent opportunity to learn about electrical, as we realize that they are concerned with making information available to professionals, especially when the information in some way has to do with their product, being the websites of these large manufacturers an excellent source of teaching material, with free books and handouts.

There are several books and handouts very complete about residential installation, which is a great opportunity for both electricians and students, as these handouts teach how to do the dimensioning calculations, present several tables as a demand factor, equipment power tables, and other important tables, in addition to presenting diagrams and diagrams for installing components and electrical devices.

The internet is a great tool for acquiring knowledge, so the tip is always to look for various sources of information on the subject you are studying, such as videos, specialized magazines, technical articles and websites. Some educational institutions provide this type of material, either for an electrical course or for any other course.

It is important to highlight that electricity is dangerous, so care is still too little, so we should be concerned with taking a course and studying safety and electricity, for that we must take the NR10 course , which is an extremely important and mandatory course for all that interacting with electricity.

All NR`s including NR10 can be downloaded from the Ministry of Labor website and the process is very simple. By downloading the standard directly from the Ministry’s website, you are sure that you are downloading the correct, complete and most up-to-date standard possible. Therefore, never download NR10 from other sites!

Electric booklet: How to get it?

There is an Electrician’s Guide handout, provided free of charge by a major manufacturer of electrical devices, this is a very complete handout on residential installation and is of great help.

To purchase this booklet just find it on the manufacturer’s portal , which is very simple! As soon as you log in to the portal, just scroll down on the main screen and ready, soon we find the handout at the bottom, in addition we can find several exclusive videos for professionals in the world of electrical and an exclusive area of free courses

NR10: How to download?

You must first access the Ministry of Labor website, then click on the desired NR, in our case, NR10. Then you must move the mouse cursor to the bottom left side of the page, until the download icon appears, then click on the icon and choose the save option. The download of the NR10 will be done, after having finished just access the folder where the download is saved and ready.

We always talk about the importance of studying and improving knowledge, and the best way to get to know new technologies is to go straight to manufacturers who always provide a lot of information about these technologies. Below is a video that complements this article, as it contains five tips on what can help you study electrical. Be sure to check it out!