Tips for the electrician to create a professional email!

Currently, the number of people who have an email is very large, especially if we take into account those who frequently use the internet. In this article, we will give you tips and information for creating your professional email. What is the difference for personal emails? What is the best provider?

Electricians, before creating a professional email, several aspects must be observed. See how your email can help you reach more customers and generate more profits, in addition to understanding the importance of choosing a good email address.

Why separate professional and personal emails?

There are many differences between a professional email and a personal email. In your private email, you will deal with more informal matters, generally related to your personal life, family, friends, social networks, games and etc.

In a professional email, the subjects are much more formal and must always be related to work matters. Your professional email should only be shared with people related to work, for example, a partner, an employee or customers.

The use of an e-mail just for work makes the information more organized and with this, less and less informal matters will interfere with the progress of negotiation or carrying out a job.

What is the best provider? Gmail? Yahoo? Hotmail? etc.

We have several options, such as Yahoo and also Hotmail, which despite offering good services, are unmatched by the many practical tools offered by Google to its Gmail users.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you create an email using Gmail as a provider. It is currently one of the email services with the greatest choice of tools and best quality. The Gmail user will not need to create other logins to access the various integrated tools that this provider offers.

Tips for the electrician to create a professional email

How to choose the email address?

The use of addresses with age, codes or nicknames is not recommended, especially when it comes to working email. You should always be concerned with giving a more serious and professional image, the examples cited are quite the opposite.

Your email address must be very simple and objective. If you use an address full of hyphens, difficult numbers, and names, the chances that a customer will not understand this email and misspell it is very high, meaning you will probably lose a customer, which would be totally unwanted.

Therefore, always opt for a simple and succinct name. Our tip is to use your profession as a compliment. To better exemplify what has been said, let’s show an example.

Assuming your name is Fernando, this way your ideal professional email would be fernandoeletricista @ and your chosen provider. You can make it even more complete by placing your city, in which case fernandoeletricistabh @ and your chosen provider would be.

In the e-mail there is an option called a signature, it is a pre-defined message that appears at the end of each e-mail sent. In this subscription, you must configure with the information you think is important. Usually, people put their professional training and counted as phone or Whatsapp, for example. This signature must also be well defined since through it the customer can obtain even more information about you and your specialty.

Final considerations

You should always look for the best way to approach customers. Fortunately, this communication is now much easier, thanks to the fast access to the internet by your mobile devices. Digital tools have made it easier for customers to search for different types of services.

Along with this facilitated communication, we also have greater competition, that is, you have to stand out among all electricians in the market. For this to be possible, it is not enough that you just follow these tips to create a good email, this is just the first step. Always stay connected to news related to social media, this is undoubtedly the key to success.