Tips on how to identify an economical shower!

Even people who don’t know much about electricity know that the shower is the great villain of the electric bill. That is exactly why the search for economical showers increases more and more every day! In this article, we will talk about the economical electric showers and their characteristics, come on guys!

Economic Bath: Be Conscious

Practically everyone knows that the shower is a high-powered device and that it can indeed become a huge villain of the energy bill, but it depends a lot on how to use this equipment! When the person always uses the electric shower at full power and takes long baths, it will certainly have an impact on the electricity bill!

To better understand this, imagine this example that we are going to pass! In a residence where the family is composed of 4 people and each one takes at least one bath per day, we total 4 baths daily.

If you take into account that each bath lasts 15 minutes, the total daily value will be 60 minutes and at the end of the month, we will have approximately 1,800 minutes of the bath. Now if there is an increase of only 5 minutes per person in the bath, the daily value will increase to 80 minutes and at the end of the month we will have approximately 2,400 minutes, that is, it is a huge difference that will be noticed when the energy bill arrives!

Therefore, these numbers serve as an alert for users, because no matter how economical the shower maybe, the savings and expenses depend much more on the awareness of the people who use this equipment at home.

It is worth remembering that until now we have only talked about saving electricity, but did you stop to think about saving water in 5 minutes less than bathing? It is worth analyzing this information.

Economic shower, what are the best options?

Economy shower: How to choose?

Companies offer an absurd variety of products with many functions! You will find showers with various types of jets such as massage jet, nebulizer jet, high or low-pressure jet, and many others. So, it’s up to you to evaluate which is the best option according to your need and taste.

Economy shower: Varied design

The bet of the manufacturers is to invest more and more in showers that have the most beautiful, sophisticated and modern design possible, thinking, of course, to do this without charging much more for this product! Several of these more modern models have much more than a beautiful design, some of them have several interesting technologies and functions!

The most modern showers, also called economic showers, aim to reduce electricity and water costs, but also aim to reduce the impacts on our planet’s natural resources. The main advantage of economical showers is that they can heat water using less energy than traditional models. Therefore, if you take a 15-minute bath with water heated to the same temperature in a traditional shower and in an economical shower, the electricity expenditure of the traditional shower will certainly be higher.

Economical shower: Meet your needs

What the person most wants when buying a shower is that it is a great quality equipment, but that’s not all! Some showers have more power and can reach higher temperatures than others, that is, these are the most suitable for people who like warmer baths, being a great option for people who live in places where the climate is very cold .

Another characteristic that should be evaluated is the water outlet, because there are models that offer a much higher volume than others, that is, it is another characteristic that you must analyze well before choosing which shower to buy.

Remember, the higher the power of the shower, the more electricity it will consume. The greater the volume of water in this shower, the more water will be used for the bath. All of this information must be evaluated in a cost-effective manner.

Economical electric shower: Which is the best?

I think it was very clear that the answer to this question depends on the taste and need of each person. As much as one device uses more electricity than another, perhaps this model that uses more has functions that you consider worth the investment.

A good bath is one that we consider to be relaxing and this is only possible when the shower meets our expectations, but again we call your attention not to overdo the duration of the baths, to avoid that the electric bill comes too high.

Did you like this article? Which shower model do you consider to be the most economical? Leave in the comments your opinion and your doubt that we will be happy to answer.