Tools for electrician! Installation and maintenance.

To work with electricity effectively, the electrician needs to have good tools. In this article, we will present the indispensable tools for the electrician who works with installation and maintenance.

Installation and maintenance: What are the tools of this electrician?

Screwdriver – Let’s start with the most common tool and one of the most important. The screwdriver is essential for those who want to work with electrical installations and maintenance, and it is recommended to have at least two screwdrivers, a small one to work with small screws and a larger one for large screws that require more effort.

Philips wrench – Various electrical devices such as circuit breakers and household appliances have components attached with Philips screws. Using a screwdriver on this screw can damage it, preventing its future removal. Therefore, have at least one key of this type available.

Cutting pliers – Another fundamental tool, since it is with it that the electrician will cut the wires. It is important that the electrician has a good pair of pliers with the insulated cable.

What tools does the electrician who works with electrical installation and maintenance need?

Fine point pliers – This tool is important for bending or pulling wire ends, in addition to serving to hold parts of some component in a certain position. It must also have an insulated cable.

Wire stripper – Not everyone likes to use cutting pliers to unpack wire, in this case, the most suitable tool is the wire stripper. It contains two blades that hold the wire cover, facilitating its removal when pulling.

Stylus – A tool that can serve several purposes, but the main one is to cut non-metallic parts of some components of the installation. For those who do not have a wire stripper, using the stylus is a great alternative.

Drill – This tool is very important, as well as a good set of drills for metal and cement. Currently, you find several electric drills that give incredible practicality to the activity that will be performed.

Saw arch – This can be used to saw metal wire ducts and can also be important if it is necessary to saw metal parts.

Multimeter – This is the most suitable instrument to assess the mains voltage, but it is also used to test practically all devices that work with electricity. It measures several electrical quantities in addition to voltage, such as current, resistance and others.

Flashlight – Having a good flashlight can help you in adverse situations. Some jobs need to be done in environments with low brightness or even in total darkness.

Electrical tape – The electrician should always have a roll of electrical tape handy. There are several types on the market, with various colors and etc. Regardless of which, they have the same function. It is important to evaluate the marks since some have very bad bonding and this can damage the insulation.

Level – It is an instrument used to indicate or measure slopes in that plane or object worked. This is a very common tool among bricklayers, but it is very useful for electricians who work with installations.

Soldering iron – It is an electrical device that, using the supplied heat, uses a material that is called a solder to be able to join two metallic parts such as circuit boards, conductive wires, etc.

Final considerations

Now that you know all the tools and their functionality, just evaluate which are the most important for the tasks you perform and assemble your kit correctly.

Our last tip is that you take good care of your tool . Always choose the correct place to store it, always clean it after use and carry out preventive maintenance whenever possible. All of these actions will contribute to increasing the useful life of your equipment.