Tools for electrician, what are they?

We know that working with the right tools brings several benefits, both for the electrician and for the customer, such as greater agility in the execution of certain activities and quality of service, is a fundamental point to win customers.

It is possible to start the career of an electrician with few tools such as universal pliers, screwdriver and a good multimeter! Observing the great importance of tools for the electrician, the World of Electrical has made this article presenting the main tools that an electrician must have in his toolbox. Come on, guys!

Electrician Tools – Universal Pliers

The diversity of pliers available on the market is enormous, each one with its respective singularities and applications, so when mentioning pliers it is necessary to speak of the universal pliers.

Universal pliers are indispensable in any electrician’s toolbox. It gets its name because of its many applications. The universal pliers have a flat and splined bite tip, useful for tightening and bending cables and electrical wires.

In addition to the flat tip and splined bite, the universal pliers have a cutting blade capable of cutting wires, wires, and cables. In this way it is possible to use the universal pliers in several ways such as cutting, stripping and tightening the electrical cables.

Tools for the electrician, what are they?

It is important to highlight that the universal pliers for electricians cannot be any pliers since, in the case of electricity, the universal pliers must contain a cable with the proper insulation.

Electrician Tools – Cutting Pliers

Although it is possible to cut cables with the universal pliers, it is important that the electrician has a good cutting plier in his toolbox, as it is also possible to cut more precisely than with the universal pliers.

Electrician tools – Stripping pliers

We know that with both universal pliers and cutting pliers it is possible to strip cables, but not all professionals like to use them to unpack electrical wires and cables. For this type of function, the suitable tool is the stripping pliers, as it facilitates the removal of the protective cover of the cable, in addition to being more accurate. Using the stripping pliers has several advantages, among them the agility in carrying out the service, not damaging the conductor and less effort to strip cables.

Electrician Tools – Multimeter

Undoubtedly, the multimeter is an indispensable tool for the electrician, since the multimeter is an instrument suitable for measuring various electrical quantities. A basic multimeter is capable of measuring voltage, current and resistance values, in addition to performing continuity tests.

It is important to note that there is a huge variety of multimeters on the market, each with its uniqueness and different application. That is why it is essential to know how to choose the ideal multimeter for each type of service.

Electrician Tools – Voltage Detector

The electrical voltage detector is a very useful tool for the electrician because as its name suggests, this tool is able to inform the electrician if an object or conductor is energized, that is, detecting if there is electrical voltage in the place.

The advantages of having a voltage detector are that it can be used as a diagnostic tool. Among the examples of use we can mention, for example, the identification of energy problems in a given location, the verification of the electrical installation, identifying the point where the cable is broken and other applications.

Electrician Tools – Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a fundamental tool for the electrician, being indicated to have at least two screwdrivers. A small screwdriver for working with small screws and a larger one for larger screws that require more effort.

Electrician tools – Philips wrench

A large number of devices and electrical components such as household appliances and circuit breakers have Philips-type screws. Therefore, have at least one Philips wrench available in the toolbox, because when using the screwdriver on this screw you can damage it, which will hinder its future removal.

Electrician Tools – Wrench

The wrench also is known as the adjustable wrench is a very useful tool in an electrician’s tool case, as the wrench facilitates the application of torque to turn nuts, screws, and connectors such as the split bolt connector. As it contains an adjustable mouth, this type of wrench facilitates tightening, precisely because it is possible to adjust the wrench mouth to the size of the hexagonal and square head nuts and screws.

Electrician Tools – Flashlight

The flashlight is a fundamental tool for the electrician, as having a good flashlight helps in adverse situations, where the environment has a low brightness or even in total darkness. The electrician must be prepared for various urgent situations! Have you ever considered the electrician being asked for a nighttime occurrence and when he arrives on the spot is complete without light and not having a flashlight? In fact, it would be a great hindrance.