What are milling operations?

Milling operations consist of machining materials through the rotary movement of a cutting tool called milling cutter. We can use different types of techniques to work the material, such as cutting the piece to the appropriate measurements for the job or making a thread inside the material, etc.

milling operations

Milling machine movements

We can find 3 main movements within a milling machine.


This movement is performed when the rotary tool is brought face to face with the material.

Milling cutter


It is generated when we move the tool towards any direction in the horizontal plane.

Milling machine feed

Past depth

It refers to the depth of cut that is made in each pass. For example, in the first pass a 2mm deep cut is made and in the next pass it is made 2mm again.

Cnc past

Milling operations


It consists of leaving the flat surface of any unwanted outbreak that the material may have.

Planned milling machine

Square milling

This is a variant of the planned one that consists of leaving steps in the machined part.

Milling angle


Practically it is the first operation that is done in almost all jobs, this consists of cutting the piece to the appropriate measures starting from bars and commercial profiles.


Slotted Straight

Cylindrical burrs with the full width of the groove are used to do this operation.

Straight grooving

Grooving shapes

Strawberries are used in the way you want to make the groove, they can be in the shape of a “T”, semicircle, dovetail, etc.

Grooving shapes

Grooving keyways

This machining consists of making grooves on shafts in which a key will be placed.

Cnc keyway


As its name implies, it tries to copy a piece of raw material. For copying, milling cutters with small cylindrical profiles are used in order to be able to work on reliefs and profiles with changing faces.

Copying milling machine


Although the threading is used more around there are some exceptions to do this machining on the milling machine, some of the exceptions can be: in asymmetric parts, materials that can fracture or jam due to chips, thin-walled materials, among others. We can find internal or external threading.


Drilling, Reaming and Boring

These operations are mainly done on CNC milling machines where you can have more than one tool placed in the tool holders.


Ramp milling

This type is used in CNC milling machines since they are more precise and it can be allowed to program the movement as a ramp.

Ramp milling