What are sensors and what are their applications?

The sensors are used in various types of applications in industries, businesses and even in your home. In this article, we will talk about the types of sensors that exist and explain the use of each one, come on guys!

Sensor: What is it?

The sensor is basically a device that has the function of efficiently detecting and responding to a stimulus. There are several types of sensors that respond to different stimuli such as: heat, pressure, movement, light and others. After the sensor receives the stimulus, its function is to emit a signal that is capable of being converted and interpreted by the other devices.

Sensor: What are the applications?

The choice of the sensor depends exclusively on the purpose of your installation. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the conditions of the environment and choose the most appropriate sensor for that activity. In the sequence, we will show the types of sensors and give examples of use for each one!

Sensor types: Acoustic sensor

Discover the main applications of th acoustic sensor!

This type of sensor uses the echo return that propagates at the speed of sound, being one of the types of sensors used to capture distances. The acoustic sensor was used in polaroid cameras and is used in many studies that work with the sonar system. Another use of the acoustic sensor is in the parking system of the most modern cars.

Sensor types: Electric sensor

Discover the main applications of the electric sensor!

Electrical sensors detect variations in electrical quantities such as an increase in electrical current or even a change in electrical voltage. These changes cause some type of signal to change the status of a specific circuit, to switch a relay. The use of this type of sensor is very common in voltage detection circuits, overcurrent or overvoltage protection relays.

Sensor types: Magnetic sensor

Discover the main applications of the magnetic sensor!

Sensors of this type are used to detect the opening of doors or windows. The magnetic sensor is composed of a small plastic box that has two metallic sheets inside it millimeter apart. The action of the magnetic field is precisely in these blades that, when closed, allow the circulation of current. This magnetic field is obtained through a magnet!

The sensor is placed at a fixed point on the window or door. When the door or window is closed, the magnet remains with the contact closed, and when the door or window is open, the contact opens and informs the control panel that triggers the alarm. Therefore, this type of sensor is widely used to inform the entry of doors or windows.

Inductive sensors are also magnetic sensors, these sensors create a small magnetic field at its tip and when a metal passes close to it disturbing the magnetic field, the sensor is able to capture this disturbance and sends a signal that can be interpreted by some circuit connected to the sensor , like a microprocessor for example.

Sensor types: Mechanical sensor

Know the main applications of the mechanical sensor!

These sensors are capable of detecting positions , movements or presence by means of mechanical resources. Among the main applications, we can mention the presence of objects in a certain place, the detection of door closings or openings, and the limit switch sensor is one of the best known.

The limit switch sensor aims to prevent a motor from continuing to run even after the moving part reaches its maximum point. If the limit switch is not installed correctly, it will certainly result in an overload and may cause a drive circuit.

Sensor types: Optical sensor

Where are optical sensors used?

These sensors are also known as photoelectrics and use the propagation of light for their operation. The optical sensor is used to index objects and can also be used to measure the distance this object is in relation to the sensor.

This type of sensor is used in several places that many of you have daily contact. In elevator doors, in a computer mouse, bar code reader, in the reverse systems of the most modern vehicles and many others.

Sensor types: Thermal sensor

What is the thermal sensor and what is it for?

This type of sensor provides a certain response when it is subjected to a temperature change. There are several types of thermal sensors and there are several applications!

The best known thermal sensor is the thermometer that almost everyone has home. It is used to measure body temperature. This type of temperature sensor is widely used in environments where it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature, such as cold rooms. In this case, the sensor sends a response when it perceives that the temperature is outside the ideal, and according to this response, the refrigeration is turned off or on.

It is important to inform that there are specific sensors that fit within these mentioned groups, which are the most common. I hope it was very clear that it is not the sensors that light the lamp, close the door and etc., they just send signals to other components that perform this function, which is why electrical and electronic devices are so fascinating.

I could spend hours talking about the applications of the sensors, but I want to leave a challenge for you. Leave in the comments which type of sensor you know and which application you know was not mentioned in the examples that we passed.

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