What are the best multimeters?

For the professionals in the field of electricity, the multimeter is undoubtedly a fundamental measuring instrument for the professional and without this tool, several services of these professionals could not be performed. Knowing the importance of multimeters, the World of Electrical will help you find the best multimeters.

Multimeters are instruments capable of carrying out several measurements so that each multimeter can have certain characteristics according to its application. Examples of measurements that a multimeter is able to perform are the measurement of electrical voltage, electrical current, electrical resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, continuity test, diode test and among other measurements that vary according to each equipment.

Based on these measurements, the electrician is able to carry out his projects, repairs and other interventions, thus offering more safety and efficiency in the use of electricity, both for the professional and for the final consumer.

Generally, each professional in the area of ​​electricity has their brand and model of multimeter of their preference, however these professionals aiming to have the best multimeter, but in certain situations end up opting for a tool that goes far beyond the needs of this professional, that is , multimeters with different functions that will never be used by these professionals.

Acquiring a simple and sophisticated multimeter, in accordance with the duties to be developed by the professional is not always a simple task, as the equipment must meet the minimum requirements of safety and quality.

Discover the best multimeters.

Multimeter categories

Multimeters are measuring instruments designed to meet at least four categories, that is, multimeters that can be used from simple electronics to high voltage networks respecting their scale values ​​as well as level of protection, shielding, insulation and other quality requirements and security.

Separating the multimeters into categories allows greater protection and accessibility of professionals to the correct devices in order to guarantee the safety and health of the worker, so that the installation when approaching the voltage source will need a larger category. Considering the multimeter categories , the larger these categories, the more resistant they will be to a possible transient or surge in the power grid.

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Best multimeters

As we know, there are many multimeters that we find on the market, each with its respective characteristics and applications, that is, the “best multimeter” will depend on the activities of each professional. Knowing this, below we will present the main brands of multimeters and some examples of multimeters.

Best Multimeters – Fluke

Undoubtedly Fluke multimeters are one of the most desired and complete on the market and also have relatively one of the highest prices, but it is certainly the brand that has the highest index of technology and innovations, among which stands out thermal image and function non-contact voltage reading.

What are Fluke multimeters.

Best Multimeters – Minipa

Minipa’s multimeters are one of the most used and known by electricians. They are compact multimeters and have high precision readings, many models available for different situations, of different qualities and affordable prices.

What are Minipa’s multimeters.

Best Multimeters – Keysight

Keysight multimeters are not as well known as the ones mentioned above, but without a doubt the Keysight multimeters are very complete, of excellent quality and are one of the brands with the highest technology index, being a great tool to be used in various activities .

What are Keysight’s multimeters.

Best Multimeters – Flir

Flir multimeters are also not as well known as the Fluke multimeters and Minipa multimeters that were mentioned earlier, but without a doubt the Flir multimeters are very complete, of excellent quality and just like Fluke multimeters is one of the brands that has the highest index of technology and innovation, being a great tool to be used in various activities, among which we can highlight the thermal imaging function.

As a curiosity, it is important to highlight that Flir is a company known all over the world due to its high technology in the area of ​​thermography, such as excellent tools such as thermal imagers, advanced thermal imaging cameras, professional thermal cameras, thermal imaging equipment for military use and much more.

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