What is a drill bit?
The drilling bit may be a tool made from metal that’s wont to make holes or perforations. Although it’s built to drill, it cannot do its job on its own because it requires a rotary machine , like a drill , lathe, or miller . Once inserted into one among these machines it’s easier to use.


What sorts of drill are there?
Before doing employment it’s necessary to understand first what sort of material goes to be drilled, since we’ve to pick an appropriate drill for every occasion, counting on the wants like the hardness of the fabric and therefore the speed of rotation is that the drill that’s wont to make the task simpler and that we didn’t get to interrupt the bit or blunt it.

There is also an opportunity that we might not be using the right bit and it’ll take for much longer to drill.

The bits are often classified either by their size or by the sort of fabric to be worked on. it’s worth mentioning that we will find different bits for wood, for metal, for concrete, etc.

By size
We can find differing types of sizes starting from 1mm in diameter for precision work, up to 25mm for more robust work. Despite the very fact that this variety exists, the foremost widely used bits are those that are between 4 and 10mm.

drill bit sizes

For wood
All wood bits have a fine basketball shot the middle to form precise perforations, since because the wood is extremely soft we will insert the tip in order that the bit doesn’t move from its place.

wood drilling bit

For berbiquí
This bit is employed to drill holes during a few revolutions, since it’s utilized in conjunction with the Berbiquí manual tool.

berbiquí bit

Three pointed
These are used for all kinds of wood: soft, hard, agglomerated, against veneers, etc.

3 point drilling bit

It is also referred to as a flat or bit , it’s wont to make holes during a fast way.

paddle bit

Type C or conical
Although they will even be used for metal, glass and concrete, they’re mainly wont to make large diameter holes.

type c drilling bit

Forstner drilling bit
It is wont to make holes of various diameters, these are wont to clean cuts and even have the characteristic of removing residues from the perforated material.

Forstner drilling bit

Router bits or router bits
They are also referred to as strawberries, they will be of various shapes and are mainly wont to make decorative recesses, joints, cuts, profiles, grooves, etc.

router bits

For concrete
These bits are wont to drill walls, they will be used with a rotary hammer. These bits are reinforced with a cloth with a superior hardness within the head within the sort of a shovel to extend the power to penetrate surfaces and sturdiness .

Tungsten carbide insert laminate
Its body is laminated and is employed for plaster, brick, sandstone, cement, uralite and limestone.

tungsten drilling bit

Milling with high performance carbide insert
This is more complete than the previous one, since its duration and drilling capacity is superior. This drilling bit is capable of working with the above materials and also marble, concrete, granite, slate and every one sorts of stone.

concrete carbide drilling bit

Drill bit for metal or high speed steel bit (HSS)
It also can be referred to as HSS (hig speed steel) or high speed steel bit in Spanish, the standard depends on several factors like the alloy, the tactic and quality of manufacture.

HHS laminate
It is rock bottom quality and thus doesn’t last long and when drilling too hard materials it’s going to lose its edge. Mainly used when high precision isn’t required.

Hss laminate

HHS rectified
This bit already has better precision and is employed for semi-hard materials like aluminum, copper, brass and plastics.

Hss drilling bit ground

HHS titanium ground
As its name implies, it’s covered by a titanium alloy that permits working any sort of metal with great precision, including hard metals like chrome steel . This bit are often utilized in high production machines, as long because it has coolant.

hss titanium drilling bit

HHS cobalt ground
These are the very best quality and may drill any sort of material, they need a resistance to temperature in order that they can work on machines with large production even without refrigeration.

Cobalt hhs drilling bit

For glass
These bits are made from a tungsten carbide head, they’re mainly used for glass, ceramic, tile, porcelain etc. With this sort of drill, refrigeration is suggested , either with water, white spirit or oil.

glass bit

For special works
We can also find some bits that are for more specific jobs, like countersinking, threading, etc.

To countersink
They are wont to make a bigger hole where the screw head is submerged.

Countersunk drilling bit

Crown or bell
This type of drilling bit is employed to form large perforations, although in some occasions it’s necessary to refrigerate so as to not break the fabric .

drill bit crown

Male drilling bit thread
They are wont to make threads to insert screws.

Male drilling bit

This is a really useful bit since it’s different diameters and avoids the necessity to vary bits to form an outsized hole.

step drilling bit

Diamond drilling bit
Hard ceramic materials are used, since if you’re employed those materials with normal bits we will break them, these diamond bits are used wet for a extended duration.

diamond drilling bit

These bits have 2 adjustable blades to form holes of various dimensions, they will be from 22 to 76mm or counting on the characteristics of the bit.

extendable drilling bit

Universal drilling bit
They are used for a good sort of materials albeit they can’t be used with a rotary hammer since these bits work by cutting the fabric and not breaking it like conventional ones.

universal drilling bit

We can also find different shanks within each sort of bit.

They are the foremost common, as its name indicates, the stem is cylindrical.

Circular handle bit

These are mainly used with cordless drills since they need an equivalent coupling system because the screwdriver bits.

hex shank drilling bit

With SDS plus and SDS quick shank
These are used for rotary hammers since their system features a better grip.

Drill bit sds