What is frequency and its characteristics?

In physics, frequency is a quantity that indicates the number of events in a given period of time (cycles, turns, oscillations, etc.). We can also measure the elapsed time of each oscillation, this measurement is called a period. The frequency usually the fluctuations of some property, such as the current alternating electric. The frequency is represented by the letter f  and its unit of measurement is the hertz (Hz), which is equivalent to the number of cycles per second, so if we say that a wave vibrates 60 Hz it means that it oscillates 60 times per second.

Heinrich Hertz

The frequency measurement unit (Hertz) pays homage to the great scientist Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist who was interested in machinery from an early age, which made him enroll in the engineering course, but at the age of 21 his predilection for research and production science made him choose physics.

At the age of 26 Heinrich proved what Maxwell had predicted, electromagnetic radiation, how it spread and how to control its frequency. For this he created the Hertz antenna receiver and UHF wave emitter. Heinrich also has other properties of electromagnetism, such as speed, polarization, refraction and reflection.


Wave characteristics.

  • Period:

Time needed to produce a complete wave . Represented by the letter T and measured in seconds. So f = 1 / T or T = 1 / f.

  • Wave-length:

It’s the size of the wave. It can be measured from crest to crest, from the beginning to the end of a period or from valley to valley. The ridge is the highest part of the wave and the valley is the lowest part. The wavelength is represented by the Greek letter lambda (λ).

  • Velocity:

All waves have a speed, which is determined by the distance traveled over the time spent, represented by the letter V. Thus: v = λ / T or v =  λ x 1 / T  or  v = λ x 

  • Amplitude:

It is the height of the wave, from the axis to its crest. The greater the amplitude, the greater the amount of energy transported. Represented by letter A.

Frequency is one of the characteristics of the wave, as well as the wavelength, amplitude, period, and speed of propagation. In physics, a wave is an energetic pulse that propagates through space or through some medium. It is an oscillating disturbance of some physical magnitude in space and periodic in time.