What is The Automotive Caliper?

What is the caliper?

The caliper or also known as a caliper is a component used by automobiles in the brake system. This device is a base that is responsible for keeping the piston and the bullets in the right place to prevent them from leaving their position and the car to brake or in the opposite case that it does not break when it needs to.


What is the function of a caliper?

The operation of this part is quite simple since it is in charge of supporting the balata and the piston so that they can carry out their work properly. The operation of these two components together with the disc go hand in hand since as a first step, the piston is responsible for receiving the pressure of the brake fluid and then transfers it to the brake pads by pushing them, as a final step they make friction with the disk so it slows down gradually.


Due to all this friction that is generated, the temperature rises in large quantities and it is here that this component also enters, since it absorbs much of the heat.


Parts of the caliper

A caliper has very few elements because its function is very basic but essential, within this component we can find:

  • Caliper:  It is the part that opens and closes, where the pistons are placed.
  • Jaw Holder:  Used to fix and prevent the jaw from opening or moving in unwanted directions.
  • Piston:  It is a small cylinder that is housed just in a hole designed to fit perfectly, this piston has its respective seal and a dust guard to prevent it from entering and damaging the cylinder or locking it.
  • Bleed screw: As its name implies, this screw is used to bleed the brake fluid, either because air has entered the system or some contaminant.
  • Guides: They are practically two bolts that serve to fix the caliper with the help of two screws, they also serve to move the jaw if it is of the floating type.


Types of caliper

Within the different types, we can two different types of calipers all depending on their operation.


These types are characterized by that the caliper is fixed, in order to be able to press the brake pads two sets of pistons are used, each one is placed on one of the internal faces so that the two brake pads can be pressed. Within this type we can find two, four or six pistons, the same number of pistons are always placed on both sides (one, two or three).

Floating or sliding

This type only uses pistons on one side and is therefore less expensive and lighter. This is because the caliper has the ability to move to press on one of the brake pads. When the brake system is used, the liquid generates a pressure in the piston so that it comes out and presses one of the pads, with this a force is generated that makes the caliper move on the opposite side of the piston.