Which is better, mini saw bow or saw bow?

Cutting tools are essential for an electrician, you may have already encountered a situation where you needed to cut apart to continue your service in the electrical installation, but you did not have the right tool in hand.

If we analyze the electrical activities, in practically all of them, some parts, conduit, the iron bar needs to be cut, mainly in the electrical assembly activities, such as electrical infrastructure.

We know that some cutting tools have some restrictions as to their size, making certain services difficult, it was thinking about these difficulties and needs that we brought some cutting tools and we will show where to use them and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of each one of these tools, come on guys!

Cutting tools

One of the most common cutting tools we can find is the saw bows, as they are cutting tools that every electrician has in his toolbox, or at least it should have! But there are basically two types of saw arch, which is the common saw arch and the mini saw an arch.

Which is better, mini saw bow or saw bow?

Cutting tool: Common saw the arch

The saw bow is known by some people as a saw, it is nothing more than a tool for cutting or sawing, being used mainly for cutting or sawing wood, plywood, metals and plastics. The saw arch consists of an arch, which is long-lasting and a saw blade, which when worn out can be discarded and replaced, being fixed to the arch again, hence the suggestive name.

The saw of the arc saw is fixed at both ends.

Cutting tool: Mini saw the bow

Like the common saw arch, the mini saw arch also performs the function of cutting or sawing certain materials, it has a small arch, where the saw is fixed, however the saw is not fixed from end to end in its mini-arc saw blade as in the common saw arch, this fixation is also what gives the mini saw arch its main advantages.

The mini saw arch has a flexible tip.

Advantages and disadvantages

Saw bow:

The common saw arch is an excellent tool for cutting pipes, tubes, wood and other materials, in addition to providing a cut in larger pieces and due to its size, making faster cuts.

The biggest disadvantage of the common saw blade is that its body prevents a deep cut in a part or a close cut, due to its structure, that is, it has a limited cutting radius for some activities, but even so , is an essential tool.

The common saw arch does not make a close cut.

Mini saw bow:

This mini saw bow are few people who know, but it is an excellent tool. The mini saw arch from Starrett is an extremely useful tool for some types of cuts, especially those in which it is necessary to make a cut in the piece very close to a wall for example, as we can see in the image below:

Mini saw bow making a close cut.

As the body of the mini saw arch does not hold the blade tip it is flexible and can get close to the wall or structure, being able to make deep cuts in a flat structure or use to make the cut on only one side of a pipe for example . In addition, the mini saw arch is small, capable of being easily transported in any toolbox.

The video below shows the types of cutting tools , the characteristics of each of the tools, in addition to teaching which cutting tool is ideal for each type of work.