Wind energy, advantages and disadvantages!

Currently, the use of wind energy has been increasingly addressed because it has several advantages, especially when compared to other types of renewable energy. Despite the apparent advantages for energy production, the wind system also has significant disadvantages and impacts, and it is about these benefits and harms that we are going to talk about in this article, come on guys!

Wind energy: What is it?

For you who don’t know what it means, wind energy is that which is generated through the force of the wind. It can also be defined as the force capable of transforming wind energy into usable energy.

Wind energy: How does it work?

Everything is due to the way of capturing and using this wind force! This can happen through 3 different structures, they are:

  • Wind turbines – These generators are the structures that enable the production of electricity.
  • Windmills – Through the capture of windmills, wind energy is used mainly in the production of mechanical energy, which is generally used in sugar mills.
  • Sails – This force is also useful to boost the movement of vessels.

Wind energy: What are the advantages?

When we think of creating plants to capture wind energy, the main benefit is undoubtedly the reduction of the environmental impact, which is much less than the impact caused by large industries, mining companies, hydroelectric plants, etc.

Wind farms do not burn fuel or produce waste that could pollute air, soil, or water. They are excellent ways to generate jobs in less favored areas and it is economically valid energy, precisely because it is much cheaper.

With technological development, other ways of using wind power are being studied and presented, but without a doubt, the best known and explored is for the generation of electric power. Although it still does not have the visibility it deserves, the use of wind turbines to generate electricity is becoming increasingly viable.

This function is due to the wind turbines that are installed on the pinwheel axis and convert the kinetic force of the winds into electrical energy. The total amount of energy that will be produced will depend on several factors, among which we can mention: the wind speed at the location and the capacity of the installed wind system.

Wind energy What are the disadvantages?

Despite being a source of energy that does not pollute and is renewable, it is important to note that it does cause some impacts on the environment and next, we will present all these main disadvantages of wind energy.

Installation area – For wind farms to be built, it is necessary to use an enormous expanse of land, and this is because the turbines need to protect certain safety distances. Studies are being carried out to present suggestions for reusing this huge space.

Sound impact – As the noise emitted by the turbines in a wind farm is very intense, the sound reaches decibels that are classified as outside the permitted limit, that is, they cause noise pollution. Therefore, wind farms cannot be built close to residential areas.

Visual impact – For many, those huge propellers cause visual discomfort, interfering with the aesthetics of natural landscapes and generating shadows and reflections that are sometimes not welcome, especially close to residential areas.

Impact on fauna – As birds have difficulty visualizing the movement of huge propellers, the number of mortality of these animals in areas with wind farms is very high.

Electromagnetic interference – When there are radio and TV wave receivers and transmitters near the wind farms, the propellers reflect a large part of this electromagnetic radiation, which ends up considerably impairing the signal quality.

Wind Energy: Does it exist in Brazil?

The answer is yes! Wind energy is already a reality in Brazil and our country currently has several wind farms and plants already in operation. Experts believe that the trend is that energy generation through this technology will grow more and more in the coming decades. If this really happens, it will be possible to view several wind farms throughout Brazil.