Without electricity when it rains, why does it happen?

It rained and the light ended, do you have any idea why this happens? And if I spoil the food in the fridge, what do I do? There are many doubts involving the lack of energy, and in this article, the World of Electrical will explain the main causes of the power outage on rainy days, come on guys.

Power outage: Lightning
If we stop to think about the reasons, there are many reasons, because rain can punish electrical installations in several ways. Perhaps most people imagine that lightning is the main reason for the lack of energy on rainy days, and indeed this is one of the causes of this problem!

In case you don’t know, a lightning strike on a power grid can cause several problems, now imagine if this lightning strike directly on a transformer! Yes, it happens very often and anyone who has witnessed this knows that the transformer suffers serious damage, shutting down the entire network of much of that region.

An electrical surge caused by lightning can trigger protective devices, resulting in a power interruption. Understand that the lack of energy in most cases is precisely to protect electrical installations.

Lack of light, what to do?
Why does electricity fail when it rains? I understand why this is normal!

Lack of electricity: Winds
Strong winds can cause the electrical cables of the distribution network to approach by closing arcs, and consequently triggering the protections. When this happens it certainly results in the network being shut down.

The strong wind can also cause tree branches and other materials to be projected onto the mains cables. When this happens, there may be a short circuit or a break in the cables, which will certainly generate problems in the electricity supply.

There are regions where the winds are so intense that they can bring down even the transmission towers, so just imagine the damage this type of incident will cause! You can be sure that the audience affected by the problems in the previous examples would be much lower than the number affected in this example of the transmission tower.

Lack of electricity: what to do?
In any of the situations mentioned above, energy utilities need to act immediately, precisely to ensure that energy is restored in the shortest possible time! But what if I delay, what should I do?

If the time to restore electricity is too long and causes damage that can be proven by the delay in restoring electricity, it is possible to request reimbursement from the concessionaire.

Understand that it is not just going there and demanding, you must have everything documented, that is, you need to inform the concessionaire over the telephone of the customer service about the lack of energy and also about the delay to restart. If the problem is not solved, you can file a complaint with ANEEL and also file a lawsuit in a small claims court.

Lack of electricity: Problems at home
It is essential to understand that the problem may have been caused inside your home, and when it is talked about it is not inside the house but in the electrical installation. The rain can cause an electrical failure after the entry pattern, in which case the owner of the property is responsible for finding the problem and solving it!

One of the main problems that rain can cause after the input pattern is the breaking of the cables, but current leakage can also occur due to damage to the insulation of the conductors, etc.

To solve this the most advisable is to hire a qualified professional from the Electrical World. The electrician must know how to identify this type of problem in order to correctly help the customer who is experiencing a power failure.

Nobody likes to run out of electricity, but now you know that the outage is not because the power sucks, since in fact the power outage most of the time is to protect your installation.

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